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Ray of Frost rune issue

I haven't played around with it too much and I am currently at work but I noticed that when I used the Ray of Frost skill combined with the Cold blood rune, my arcane power was still draining, just a lot slower than without the rune.

Isn't the Cold Blood rune supposed to make it cost 0? Is this a bug? Anyone else having this issue?
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Probably a typo...
Blizzard's got a lot of stuff to tweak since launch day, I'm sure they'll get around to it. I gotta admit though, I was really psyched when I read that 0 cost in the skill calculator, and it'd be nice it it's really supposed to be that way.
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skill calc is wrong. it cost 2 per second which is still stupid low and can easily replace as your primary attack.
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Alright thanks for confirming.

Yea it was very low, I just didn't understand why it was draining still.
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05/22/2012 07:23 AMPosted by Psyclum
skill calc is wrong. it cost 2 per second which is still stupid low and can easily replace as your primary attack.

It's 12, not 2.
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I am also at work and was fantasizing about that rune. I still will, just not as much now that its 12 or 2...2 would be better.
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It's 12 AP, and I use it as my "primary" (rather, my left click, I don't actually have any signature spells). I don't have AP issues because most of the time I'm busy kiting with Blizzard/Hydra and only stop to use Ray of Frost every once in a while.
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You never stop regenerating AP, so 12 AP is far lower than you'd immediately think it is. When I use it I can keep it going for quite awhile, far longer than I would ever actually stand still to use it.
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no it is 12. fixed in game but not in the skill calculator.

go fire up the game and see for yourself.
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If you're using Astral Presence, Ray of Frost is essentially an AP-neutral attack if your attack rate is 1 per second or slower. Even if you're using a 1hander you can maintain it for a very long time, far longer than you ever actually will want to.
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