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Solo/Team Build for Inferno - Act I Completed

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Alright, so I'm going to make this quick. I just want to state that in no way is this build set in stone, there are some variations I use which I will discuss some of later. What I can tell you is that this build is perfectly viable throughout all of Act I Inferno, obviously there are other builds that work, but this build is 100% able to solo throughout all of Act I with very crappy gear.
http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/monk#aigXYQ!UXY!YcYcbb All Purpose / Trash Build

http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/monk#aigXjQ!UXT!YZabcb Boss Fight

I would love some feedback on these two builds, perhaps some ways to improve upon them, I use some variations even beyond those such as on boss fights I may very well drop one with everything depending on how much elemental damage I will be taken for something more favorable such as resolve, I'm probably forgetting something, but these two builds have served me well, and I hope those of you that are struggling try them. The builds themselves are pretty self explanatory, you just rotate your defensive cooldowns, try your best not to blow serenity first, if you get surrounded fear them off you, back up funnel the mobs, blind can be used against all mobs to interupt big attacks so use it appropriately. Watch your Boon protective shield buff carefully and re-apply when needed.

The stat priority that I've found works amazing for this build is VIT > Crit Hit Chance(Until 15-20) > Attack Speed > Resistances > Dex

This build does not exploit the quickening bug, which many say is fixed as of today, after fighting the butcher my spirit bar was constantly full the entire fight.

I really hope this helps many of you, and also I hope you provide me with feedback that helps me improve, thanks for reading. I'll be checking this thread constantly over the next few hours to answer any questions any of you may have, because I'm sure I must have left stuff out.
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Great work!
THumbs up for most useful forum poster.

Anyways: I want to add my complains about the guys who cry so much:
Monks don't suck. Not at all.

Get a team of 2 Monks, and 2 Dps. The combined tanking combined with dps who slow and stuff.. Best I have ever seen. Most champs no problem! Somtimes the enrage is a problem (equip!). The most important thing is constant movement coordinnated with the party.

It's easy to complain and easy to get excuses - monk sucks. Maybe just look at yourself and at the game. When you don't like movement/evading in Diablo, why play melee then? There were realy obvious statements by Blizzard before: Every Act will get ALOT harder than the previous one. And will requie alot more skill and equip. It's not fun to have an easy game anyways. So this is fine! If you don't like hard games, don't play diablo 3 maybe?

We have so low equip here, yet we are owning relativly well, better than some so called "pros" with their high eq. It's just sad that people cry before they even played the game for a longer time like 1 months, usually I want to play games like this a lot longer.. Which is not much. No.. Immediatelly cry about your class.. lol lol lol

Looks like no one played wow which was pretty hard too. You don't get past all the content in a week. lol lol lol
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Thanks, I couldn't agree more, I posted this for those that are serious about progressing through Inferno with monks, and not jumping on the re-roll ranged bandwagon.
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