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Dodge Stacking: How it Works and Why

Things you could pretty much NOT dodge.

1. The trail monsters leave that has MOLTEN in their name. Their explosion after dying however, CAN be dodged.

2. Plague, just no.

3. Desecrator. Vortex + Molten + Jailer + Desecration anyone?

4. Electrified, it's not that it's painful though.

Stuff that could be Dodged

1. The chains the FIRE CHAINS monsters make(duh) can be dodged, based from my own gameplay, even got 15 Dodge in a Row achievement because of this.

2. Mortars

I'm not sure of these 2 but some say they could be dodged, but from my experience, you just can't.

Arcane Sentry and Frozen(I'm leaning towards that this can indeed be dodged, just not 100% sure).

So yeah.. Since monsters with the above affixes if they have those non-dodgeable stuff, Dodge is somewhat negligible but is still a great help.

I could get up to 72% Dodge with crappy stuff, but that's just me and it's tedious to maintain, and is impossible to maintain for a long period of time.
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dodge is YES OR NO it is 1 OR ZERO it is HIT OR MISS not an effective health. Furthermore, good luck dodging desecration and molten.

Honestly, you should be able to dodge desecration and molten simply by moving. If you understand how these two spells are placed on the ground, it is not that hard to avoid. Same thing goes with plague, arcane, and frozen. All of these are easily avoidable by proper positioning. The only times I can see these being a problem is when you have things like Jailer/Vortex but then again...when is it NOT annoying whenever you see Jailer/Vortex with Molten/Desecration/Plague/Frozen.

That being said, I think that dodge is a stat that is undervalued by the community while resists/armor are being overvalued.
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Err.. we know you could dodge though by moving out of their areas, but Molten monster's path deal damage to you over time, we need to get close, unless you're kiting.

Desecrator affix on Inferno is never alone and is usually, in my gaming, with either Jailer or Frozen or Waller..

I know how to escape from those but the problem is, I have to sometimes change my skills in order to do so.

Like Jailer, can be countered with FoT- TC, Waller with Dashing I believe, Frozen.. just run if you see those snowballs getting bigger.
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As someone who prefers to be high dodge and high dps, dodge is my bread & butter. This rather confirms what I suspected. It's good to see someone do that math though. Not like I couldn't do it myself...haha!
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Like I said before, Jailer + Desecrate/Molten/Frozen being a problem is not because of dodge, its more because of needing specific skills to get out/avoid jailer so you don't get hit by desecration while being jailed.

Also in my experience, you'll probably need to do some kiting in order to kill the more challenging elites which means you can easily keep the mobs in front of you and minimize the amount of time you're exposed to Molten/Desecration. In the end, whether or not to sacrifice some defensive stats for more dodge really depends on what gear you're running and how well you can avoid such abilities.
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you want a balance of everything

This guy gets it.
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Just get the "standard" 40-50% Dodge without gimping your defensive stats and others.
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Good description!

Just something small to add, it's worth noting that it's more important to have a single higher dodge factor than it is to have many, or equal dodge factors. What I mean is:

if you have two sources of 50% dodge will give you a total dodge change(via this method) of 75%
however, if you have two sources of dodge at 25% and 75%, one being considerably higher yet both totalling to the same amount, you get a total dodge of 81.25%

What this means is that if you can add more dodge to either A or B, then add it to whichever is highest for greater effect!
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Dodge is nice for low attackspeed single targets or many small fries. But against 3-4 Elites is the worst. Around 75% dodge for 2 seconds is possible, 50% maximum 60% are normal with mantra spamming. When 3-4 Elites attack the same time attack you lose the gambling...
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Our total chance to be hit with our base dodge and our Mantra of Evasion up then becomes:
3) 0.35 * 0.85 = 0.5525 or 55.25%

Should be: 0.65 * 0.85 = 0.5525 or 55.25%

Otherwise this is the most clear explanation I have seen. Thanks.
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