Okay, maybe I'm not understanding but several times I've had auctions that I'm either trying to buy or sell time out at about thirty seconds even though I get a message saying that this process may take a few minutes. If Blizzard is stating that it may take a few moments, you know, they have reason to believe this, I guess, why am I timing out at about thirty seconds? There have been several things that I've purchased or tried to because I want to use them right away that I'm charged for and then don't receive for hours or maybe not at all, I'm too lazy to remember what I have or haven't received. This has been going on for awhile now and I know others are dealing with it, too, maybe I'm not looking in the right places, but I don't see Blizzard addressing it in a way that everyone can see, okay, I guess that's all, I'm just upset because I'm enjoying the game and want to be able to use what I purchase.