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Azmodan Inferno - Need advice.

Alright lets get the basics out of the way. I'm on Azmodan in Inferno and I'm having problems. I'm a Demon Hunter. I have a lot of DPS but DPS isn't my problem. It's the pools he summons.

I can't seem to find any rhythm or rhyme to where they spawn and at this point I'm assuming it's totally random. I tried stacking general resistances and defensive skills to mitigate the damage and allow myself more time to get out of those pools that spawn on top of me. However, after all of this the random spawning of the pools just made it impossible to survive 2 or 3 back to back.

My questions.
Is there a pattern to the spawning or a way to know where they will spawn?
What type of magic damage is Hell's Wrath?
Am I better off stacking armour, vit or the resistance to survive the pool phase?
Does this fight just come down to luck and hoping the pools spawn in a nice place?
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Well, you can test it in hell, I've farmed hell azmodan runs in hell a lot and when he does the pools, best thing to do is run around the outer ring, you may get hit with it for like 1 second when it spawns, but I believe DH's have some abilities to become immune or get out fast so it shouldn't be a problem, he's actually one of the easiest bosses to me in my opinion. I'm a mage so we have similar tactics here although I do have teleport but I've done it many times without. I'm not sure how hard the pool hits in inferno but I'd assume you could take a couple seconds in it.

Edit: He will keep spawning the pool as you run throughout the outer ring but it shouldn't hit you majority of the time, if it does only for one second. Just keep running around.
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In Inferno it ticks for 10k per second. With 58% DR and 40% resistances it ticks for 8k.
It's avoid it completely or die.
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