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Dashing to location

Greetings, fellow wanderers of the spirit paths,

I was just wondering how one may manage to dash properly to a location instead of an enemy, like the tooltip of dashing strike offers to its users.
If i use dashing strike on the ground, or whatever place without enemy you prefer to imaginate, i just hop a few feets towards my cursor instead of dashing to my desired location.

So my question to the wisdom of the monk-crwod out there is: How the heck do i dash to a location properly?

PS: English is not my first language, so please, don't be too harsh with grammar-!@#$'ing ;)
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Nobody out there with an idea?
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The tooltip is a bit misleading.

You cannot dash to any location, only targetable objects (for example: sarcophagi, pots, somg wooden logs, etc. Things that get a red outline when you hover mouse over them).
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Ah, that does accord to my experience.
So it is offensive only, too bad.
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Hi there!

First of all... DASH is awesome!

You simply need a very very high awareness of your surroundings...
Dash has saved my life so many times i can t count them anymore... you can use it to on barrels ... and pretty much every object that can be clicked or destroyed... it also works on the walls some champion mobs summon.

you can also use dash to break free from the "JAIL" effect some champions use... (VERY IMPORTANT)

i haven t tried everything yet but DASH is a must have in any set up imo. Esp with the Rune which reduces its cost to 10 Spirit, so you can also spam it in some situations.

Dash also helps alot vs. alot of SLOW hitting boss mobs or BIG mobs... simply use DASH before they are about to hit you in order to be behind them rather than infront of them where the BIG dmg is dealt :D
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