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Diablo 3 Lobby System Improvement Suggestion


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This is what the community needs Blizzard. ~(IMO)~

1: http://i.imgur.com/3XDdY.jpg

2: http://i.imgur.com/6W9nl.jpg

3: http://i.imgur.com/smuy8.jpg

4: http://i.imgur.com/J9aCy.jpg

This is what I expected D3 to look like. The current system that is in place now honestly doesn't really inspire socialization. The small chat window offers a few channels to join, but it feels clustered and claustrophobic.

After you get things launched, and everything is working according to plan, can we please get some new lobby features? I know there is a massive community out there who would greatly appreciate it.

The game is great IMO and I played D2 for years and I will continue to play this for years.
Thanks for making a great game, let's improve it.

(Note: These images are not mine, and do not belong to me. I am only forwarding these images from a thread at DiabloFans.com. The thread can be found here:
All credit goes to the creator Onetwo.)
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Nobody has anything to add on the subject?
This is exactly what they need to do, this would make the game much more social and make it feel more like Diablo
Wow great work OP.. Blizzard really needs to look into this
Wow! I really like those!

This is embarrassing, but I actually didn't even know there was a general chat channel until yesterday, and I have had this game since release. An interface like you have suggested would definitely draw more attention to it! :)

It would be nice if there was a "quick post" section for the auction house. Maybe just a small box with a drop down of your available items, and fields for buyout and starting price. And a "send all to stash" button. That way I could sell items and gather them quickly without opening the whole menu.
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All it really is is a bigger chat box and maybe looks prettier. Not game changing.
amazing, as long as people can make the own game with the game name being called what they want it to be called. and an option for world pvp on-off
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Blizzard would be smart to add this
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This is dope blizzard would be stupid to not look into this
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Yes, we need a decent new lobby.
this couldnt have been a better picture of what I was hoping to see as well. Seriously, they chat system now is bogus
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This thread needs to get a sticky/blue post to acknowledge this.

If they add chat channels similar to the one in the ui posted by OP then it would be SO HELPFUL towards creating a diablo 3 community.

I Mean where the heck are the guilds?

It's no fun playing multiplayer mode when guilds are non existent.
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