Alright, so for the better part of the last 2 hours I have spent trying to get this achievement. I would get to 19 and the last guy up would complete the quest but not give the achievement.

Now here is the bug, if that isn't the bug itself. There is one refugee, evacuee or whatever you want to call them that decides to have a heroic moment. Instead of you know? Fleeing he decides his skills are better suited on the battlefield. So instead of running to the Sewer like all the others do he decides to run off into the middle of a meteor and fight a (Naga?)Not sure what they are called probably could remember if i wasn't so frustrated. Anyway, the way the quest seems to be setup is that there are 21-22 possible thing to save and the 20th save can't be the quest complete or it doesn't credit you. is there anyway to remove that one guys heroic thought? cause it really does make this achievement impossible.