Diablo® III

Viable Kiting Strat?

Have not tried this, want some input from someone who has...

Caltrops with Jagged Spikes rune in conjunction with Spike Trap with Lighting Rod rune and Hungering arrow with Devouring Arrow rune and Elemental Arrow with Lighting Bolt rune.

Basically, drop multiple caltrops with spike traps. Get some distance, hungering arrow and elemental arrow at safe distance, rinse and repeat until mobs are dead? Or is this using too much discipline and hatred unnecessarily?

Thoughts and comments?
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Why would you use hungering arrow? It's very hard to target. If a mob has shield or minions with shield or invuln- you won't do any damage at all to the boss. Use entangling shot, it's much better as a hatred generator.
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I'm sure you could do it that way, but I usually drop the Caltrops/Jagged Spikes and run back, Hungering Arrow/Spray of teeth them to death, and save the rest of my hatred/discipline for escape if they manage to get through.. I find that a lot of the time another group is right behind me or a champion is there and teleports

This is the build I use: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/demon-hunter#aRYdXl!YeT!ccbZZb

If the enemy has shield or whatever, I use stampede to shake them up while I mess them up, then pop SS when stampede is up and usually with my caltrops/jagged spikes they're dead
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