Diablo® III

Auction House sucks

It quarks me that kiddies are putting items up for 50k+ for a level 30 belt, have fun when it doesn't sell for 2 days and you clog up the auction house with your crappy sells.

Rares arn't exactly rare to come by, my bags full and I've been trying to dump items for less then 10k for level 30-40 stuff just to free up space for another batch.

Auction house would be much better if !@#$% learned to sell for a decent price rather then go for broke.
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Then go find your own stuff. Supply and demand.
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I understand you fustraction :) I tend to sell farely good things for 5-10K just because I don't have any space left and I don't feel like spending another 100K for a new "tab"
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Lol it sucks because of this goddam bugs
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It would be nicer if the Auction House was up more then 50% of the time also :)
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Auction house destroyed diablo 3 and destroyed the whole point ofplaying it in the firstplace.
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04/28/2013 06:46 PMPosted by Matt
Auction house destroyed diablo 3 and destroyed the whole point ofplaying it in the firstplace.

I do think D3 would have been a much better game with no AH. I think the RMAH made it even worse, at least with just a GAH it wouldn't have been quite as bad because you would have still had to have earned your gear. In any case, game would have been a lot more fun without the AH. I'm about ready to just start a new toon and play without the AH. The real problem is because of the AH they have to nerf the good drops so bad that you can never get really good drops for your self found characters like you used to be able to.
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the problem is necro'ing 1 year old threads

(and lol at when 50k was alot of gold ;) )

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