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DH solo nightmare tips on build

I'm level 36 in act 2 atm, and I need tips for a good solo DH nightmare build, because I have no idea what I'm doing lol. Here's my build atm: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/demon-hunter#afdZYT!Yef!babZbZ

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I'm not a DH god but since nobody else seems to be reading the forums atm I'll chime in.

What playstyle to you use atm? Are you good at kiting without caltrops or do you prefer using them to help kite?
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I would recommend having left click as a hatred regen attack and right click as a hatred degen attack, instead of having both of them +hatred. Hungering or Evasive (runed with +multiple shots) would probably be adequate enough for nightmare, but the consensus is mostly hungering with devouring is more dps. You could always right click impale, and free up another slot on your bar.

For your skill bar, there are tons of options. I think most DH's use smoke screen + preparation with 2 slots left. In NM, you could easily put some another damage skill, like multishot, or you could skill for defense with caltrops.
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I prefer to use caltrops to kite.
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Ok, this is pretty close to what I was using at that level.


Left click for standard damage and hatred generation (pick what you like), right click to spend it as AoE and Impact is also available for bosses/single target.

Caltrops with root for kiting as needed. Smoke Screen makes you invisible and also prevents ANY damage from hitting you so be smart about it and you can prevent some heavy damage. Preparation with Battle Scars to get all your discipline back and a big heal.

Passives can be changed if you want.
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Is impale a viable skill, or are there better to replace it with?
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Alright, thanks a ton!
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05/27/2012 09:54 PMPosted by Closetzombie
Is impale a viable skill, or are there better to replace it with?

Impale is really good single target damage. Impact procs a lot for short stuns as well.

FWIW, I also liked Cluster Arrow with the stun rune in Nightmare. If you're good at aiming it then you can stun groups and do big damage to them. Requires you to use the hotkey that forces you to stand still and attack though.

Edit: Also, don't be scared to pick up a good weapon from the AH. Can find good ones for pretty cheap if you keep an eye out. Make sure you're wearing Dex. gear.
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impale is not so good at lower levels.

Currently using the below:
bola + stun
Elemental Arrow with ball lightning
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this is the build that i use, im about 2 fight kule on NM and im doing pretty good solo, its also pretty good dps http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/demon-hunter#WRdTlc!ebY!ZaZZZb
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