I searched for off-handed wepon issues, but I did not see this anywhere. If there is a specific placce for this, let me know, and I'll re-post it there.

The problem I am seeing, is when I am equipping an item in the off-hand, the numbers are off by a factor of ten to a hundred, depending on the item.

For example: Demon Hunter, dual-wielding quill-shots and nail spitter respectively. I equip a quiver, then hilight over the replaced nail spitter. It says it has a -366 damage, but when equipped, the damage is about 36 points of damage off.

Here's where it gets interesting. I then hilight over that same quiver I just unloaded, and IT is now saying it has -366 damage, when in reality, it has a positive damage rating over that nail spitter.

I have seen odd numbers like this with the Barbarian, but I don't have a recent example, since the demon hunter is my most current character. I think someone needs to go in and verify that all the decimal places and addition/subtraction calculations are accurate, at least for these characters...