Diablo® III

Error 37?


First when i log in 4-5 times im got error 37 and then im getting error 74!!!
I'm really tired. In the game I paid $ 80.
And I can not play Error 37 again and it takes 7 hours
I play on EU servers.Still a problem for $ 80
Really thank you for the money well spent.
The blizzard had never
This is the most fun time I had on Blizz forums! QQ moar!! I am QQ-ing moar!!
This is the first time I post on a gaming forum. Never thought the day would come, but here I am.

I'm not going to throw a fit as it's not going to help, obviously.

same here. I'm just frustrated as hell.. :-/

I could not buy the game on release. When i finally did last week, my computer broke.

Now i just got my new hardware, Snacks, weed, Beer and enough time on my hands to play the game i have been waiting for so long.

And i cannot play my single player campaign because of some server problem.

Thanks Blizzard for ruining an evening i have been looking forward to for quite a while now.

Yeah, noone cares, but I had to whine somewhere.. :(
sign this petition guys:
I took my vacation for this game, I was thinking about relaxed gaming, having 1 year of work behind my back and well worth vacation. Now 1 week has gone, and I have gotten ERROR 37 everyday, I am level 5, yes like 2 hours of gameplay. Blizzard just screwed me so hard that I think I might never buy a game from blizzard again :( I have nothing I can do on my vacation then what I was thinking to do, play this game :(

I am so dissapointed in blizzard, there is no words.
05/30/2012 12:53 PMPosted by Neksot
GOT IN!!!!!

For Cthuhlu's sake, don't come to tell us that, play! Play!! You may not get another chance.
w h a t t h e f oo a k?
15 hrs now
k. 50 euro well spent
Allahınızdan bulun ya, nasıl bir insansınız siz. Ne zaman bos bir zaman bulsam d3 oynamaya calıssam, error 2394892345 verıyosunuz. Diablonun tassaklarının altında kalırsınız ınsallah !
lol...their forums server will crash from all these complaints
I don't mean to be rude, but how can a awesome company like blizzard sell a game that people pay 60€ for and can't play?
1 question.Why everyone thinks that the making of diablo 3 took 10 years?year 2000 when diablo 2 came out,after that they made:LoD,Wow expension packs like Lich king and cataclysm,Star Craft 2.And by the way there is no problem with the game.Its cool.And this is just a bug.The world wont burn if you dont play diablo 3 for a day.You can do a lot of things until the bug is fixed.Just 2 weeks has past since release so give them time for perfecting the game.And no they couldn' achive perfecting the game before release because there were no 7 million people playing it at the same time :P so these bug born after may 15 and no they fixing it ,perfecting it so we can play it without interuptions in the future :)
Got in, were going to farm butcher, got 4x magic find buffs and got kicked out of some outraged error, dat sucks! :3
Not being funny but I'm sure there are more things in the world than Diablo 3, yes I am annoyed because tonight I planned a late session smashing some monsters up, but to say there is nothing you can do on your vacation because you cant get on Diablo 3 says that you need some life changes my friend, maybe some outdoor hobbies?
petition signed
I just remembering gold times with Diablo 2 in singleplayer without net...
Thanks battlenet. Instead of playing diablo iii I have to spend some time with my girlfriend. I hope she also has error 37 and 74 when i try to "log in"
!@#$ your auction house and let me play the damn game.

Nuff said
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