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Achievement Silliness - Madness Contained

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done! companion, prep and spike traps. Use numbers instead of clicks!
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I got my achievement for this on accident using the old crit/prep/mark build with a shaman totem.
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amazing. new game worked for me too. leads one to wonder what others are bugged in a similar way - thinking of the crispy critters one or whatever it is was called (kill 3 "scorpions" with a demon forge) which didn't seem to work for me either currently.

I also got the achv for having 7 pets/followers with only 6 of them. Probably because the passive created a 5th zombie dog which counted as the 7th pet even though I'm only allowed to have 4 so one of the dogs immediately dies. Thought I'd have to wait for a quest where Leah or someone else follows me, but then it just popped up while fighting anway (with just said 6 - not 7 - pets/followers).
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I got this achievement without doing this silliness :D Was fighting the skeleton king on inferno and spammed NT and SS and then prep
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I got this achievement accidentally during inferno act 2. Strange considering I spent so long trying to figure out how to get it.
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I did what the OP has tryed (after failing to do it with my set up) but it also did not work. Untill I teleported back to base, tryed again nothing, reloged, tryed again and BAM I get the achivement.... Talk about buggy XD
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After using Vengeance as a passive and stacking Discipline adding gear to get 50 Discipline I used Cluster Arrow (50 hatred) and then spammed Companion as it has no real CD beyond attack speed.

My friend and I noticed, however, that you apparently MUST be in a single player game to get this. I did it while he'd gotten disconnected, then he tried for 15 minutes to get it in a game with me, and despite the fact that he was doing it all in around 3 seconds he was not getting the Achievement, even after a logout and logging back in. He then made a new game and did it on his own and got it.
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Ok as far as the whole using companion and preparation at the same time......HOW!!!!
maybe i dont know how to use multiple skills from one tree.......Please let me know how this works
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I got this on accident in a hectic fight. I don't even know what I did special other than spam everything the good lord gave me. I think I was using Multishot at the time.

To the chap above: Google search Elective Mode
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I got this tonight in act 2 Inferno doing the first meeting of the Emperor with the invisible snakes ambush. Spamming SS with NT for the hatred dump FTW!
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Managed to get it with Companion/Bat, Sentry on 1/2, prep on 3. and Cluster Shot on right click.
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1.) Left the game
2.) Started a new game
3.) Attempted the achievement right away

Yep, that works. Thank you! :)
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05/17/2012 12:58 PMPosted by Aeranei
So I was thinking about how to get this achievement, The Madness Contained (Spend 150 hatred and 50 Discipline in 6 seconds), and I think I've got a set up that should work, however the achievement isn't popping for me.

First of all, you need elective mode on. Then you set your 1 to be Companion, 2 to be Preparation, and your Right click to be Spike Trap. Then, you put the passive skill Vengeance on, which raises your Hatred to 150. All you need to do is cast companion and spike trap 5 times in 6 seconds, And they can be cast at the same time and there's no cooldown for either. You need to cast Preparation as you'll run out of discipline after 3 casts of companion, so essentially it boils down to:

1) Hold Right Click
2) Hit 1 1 2 1 1 1

Which should be 150 Hatred and 50 Discipline, and it should be able to be done within 6 seconds. I've also experimented with speeding it up by using Shadow Power and smoke screen, still not working. Anyone have any ideas how to get this achievement?

Being that companion now has a 30 second delay this did not work for me. However, I switched companion out for shadow power and used the same sequence that Aeranei suggested and it popped for me on the first try! Thanks Aeranei!
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This thread is 1.5 years old, mate.. That's one hell of a necro.
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Yea... I stopped playing for a while, then got back into it when I read up on how RoS was going to fix a lot of the things that I couldn't stand about the game. The addition of adventure mode style game play being a major saving grace in my opinion. I just can't stand the story, I have had the dialogue muted since after the first time that I beat the game - it's just awful. Anyhow, I just got my first DH to lvl 60 and was messing around with some of the challenges and was looking for some insight. Maybe this thread will help out anyone else that is in the same boat or just starting out on the game. The info is only useful if it is up to date.
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Make sure you have no RCD 5% stopped it from working for me
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