AoE - Area of Effect
DPS - Damage Per Second
CC - Crowd Control
CD - Cooldown
HoT - Heal Over Time
1H - One Handed
AH - Auction House!aXe!ZaZaZZ

Every item in your set should have very high Strength and Vitality. Also recommended are purple gem in helm and movement speed bonus on boots are big helpers. This build is designed to be used with 1H weapon and shield. Use the AH, you can build this set very easily and cheaply.

The basics of this build:

This build is fully unlocked at level 30.

Bash/Onslaught - Single Target DPS
Seismic/Stagger - AoE DPS + CC / Knockback
Stomp/Wrenching - AoE CC + Force Pull
Revenge/Vengeance - AoE DPS + Self Heal
Threatening/Falter - AoE Haste/DPS Debuff
Earthquake/Chilling - CD AoE Burst DPS + Snare

Pound of Flesh - Self Heal
Inspiring Presence - Adds Self HoT to Threatening Shout
Superstition - 20% Magic Resistance

I have never had so much fun in a game as soloing Nightmare mode in this build. This build is almost unkillable in Nightmare and deals damage at a good clip. What do you guys think?
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