Diablo® III

Arcane Dynamo

The 55 Passive that your signature Skills have a chance to increase your next Non Signature Skill to do 75% more dmg. I get the buff it stacks 3 times but I cant find a spell to use it with, any Wizards out there have any idea what a " Non-Signature" spell is ? or knows the list.
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any spell that is not one of the ones listed in the ability

i think its pretty clearly explained, might be that you need advanced tooltips on though
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Then it should work for comet but how ever my stacks dont disappear after I use Comet. And thats not one of the ones used as a signature spell.
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Never find found it out,

I had to wait for it to reach 5 stacks before I could use that "non-signature" spell.
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It's worthless.Takes way too long and is unreliable.
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90 Human Mage
Really??? I've been thinking that this thing boosts my Blizzard damage big time. I hit with 5 Orbs which yields 5 buffs, then I pop Blizzard. It this just a misunderstood skill?
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90 Orc Warrior
OP misunderstood the skill. It's only after you stack the buff to 5 that it buffs your next non-signature spell.

The chance get a stack of the buff depends on the spell/rune used. I've found that with Spectral Blade it stacks up very reliably.
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I use it with the wizard tanking build (critical mass diamond skin frost nova). I would put on explosive blast as my secondary attack. When u are spamming spectral blade up close u build the stack up fast. With critical mass ur explosive blast refreshes very fast as well... Well u get the picture

Flurrybunny needs to open his mind
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The question is how long the 75% extra dmg last? say if I use disintegrate..
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Channel spell lasts from when u hold your mouse button till you release / run out of AP

Arcane Dynamo is beautiful with channeled spell:
- ray of frost
- disintegrate
- archon disintegrate

Blizzard hits a lot harder than cold-blooded too.
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It is a must have for lazor wiz. Awesome passive for that.

Try it with disintegrate and volatility, and see those ridicilous explosion crits drop.
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