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Viability of soloing inferno on DH?

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I'm primarily a solo player and I'm pretty let down by my barb (having to be in melee range to do damage with stuff hits so hard), so I've been looking into the ranged classes. How are other solo players out there doing on inferno with the DH?
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on hell atm , and doing pretty well except some bosses !
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It's not extremely difficult. As long as you can make good use of your surroundings and always have the packs of mobs slowed/stunned, you'll be alright. You do have to accept theirs going to be some packs of elites you aren't going to be able to kill because their affixes, and for those I just smokescreen past and keep on trucking. You also need to somewhat stack vitality, or you're going to get one shot. A LOT. I went into inferno with my DH at 22k hp and 17k dps, and it was so painful I raged. Went back after farming some vit gear and re-socketing, it's much better.
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Sinsei makes light of the fact that quite a few of the mobs packs are almost entirely unbeatable by DH. You'll also die a stupid amount to any sort of bad combination. It's not undoable, it's just harder than he makes it out to be. Vitality stacking or alot, prepare to die a bunch.
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I am at Inferno act 2 and Demon Hunters need the Templar follower to get pretty far because you need someone to take the damage and Demon Hunters can't take a hit. if you have less than 25k hp you'll easily get 1 shotted by elite packs.
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05/18/2012 10:24 PMPosted by Banaritaz
Sinsei makes light of the fact that quite a few of the mobs packs are almost entirely unbeatable by DH.

Yeah this seems to be the case
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