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Items on the auction house invisible to other

same problem here
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Sometimes they can be seen by sorting the list in different ways.
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Same thing for me.
9/10 items I've put up on the AH cannot be searched for no matter what different filters I try to use.

I was really confused as to why 1 item sold almost instantly and then the other 9 sat on AH for 2 full days with no bids.

This is a HUGE problem. They take up your slots, but they can never sell.
I'm losing out on a huge amount of gold because of this screw-up.
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Hi, I am having this problem too, since almost 24 hours ago. I was hoping it would have been fixed by the recent maintenance, but since it has not, I guess I will post here so the mods can check it out :)
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Same problem as everyone else. I thought maybe Blizzard turned off the AH to fix this problem.
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when will Blizzard come out to say something about the issue?? AH problem is serious you are going to have real money transaction so buggy system is not acceptable
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so the AH maintenance didn't fix it at all
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Yup, put up some items before the AH was turned off, and I can't find them listed.
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05/23/2012 09:47 AMPosted by Stanford
when will Blizzard come out to say something about the issue?? AH problem is serious you are going to have real money transaction so buggy system is not acceptable

They will probably say something about this issue the same time that they announce the RMAH is delayed again lol.

I am having insanely bad problems with my auctions. After saving up a bunch of Tomes I decided to sell half of them on the AH. I sold 100 tomes of jewelcrafting and should have received about 40k. They sold fast enough but only 3.5k is listed in the Completed Items section while the log displays that they sold for the amount I was selling it for. I recieved less than 10% of the gold I was supposed too, and to top it all off when I try to send the small amount of gold to my stash I get error # 32121.

My decision to use the RMAH or not hinges on problems like this occuring. If I were to recieve 10% of the actual money I was supposed to get I would be pretty ticked off.
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Same with me.. Says 7/10 auctions posted even though I have 10 items. ALL OF THEM ARE INVISIBLE and can't be found when searched.
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Still broken. 9/10 of my items arent found when searching.
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I'm having the same issue, in the past day I have posted 10 items and NONE are showing in the AH for purchase, asked 4 people to see if they can see them and NONE could find them. This is rather stupid bug specially with the 10 posts limit and can't cancel, so I'm stuck for more than 24 hours with 10 non-existant auctions and no way to post new ones. :(
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Same problem here, what a terrible bloody system. limiting us to 10 auctions, and not allowing us to cancel those auctions, or to even change it to 24 hours instead of 48...

And then to top it all off, my items don't even show up on the AH, and its a waste of space for 2 whole days...

At the moment, there is ZERO items with less than "1 day 18 hours remaining", so essentially 87.5% of items listed at the moment CANNOT BE SEEN.

What a joke.
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05/22/2012 11:28 PMPosted by Ghost
same problem. unfortunatly this happens right as im selling a legendary shield. the bids are at around 500k yet this thing can sell at 20 million. im losing alot of potential money every minute this thing isnt being shown.

Looks like the lucky bidder is going to get it for 500k then. Once your item gets removed from the search database its unlikely to get re-added, from what I have experienced.

Yep, take it from someone who has had stuff sell at the minimum bid. Once it's not shown, that's it. That person wins. It will never show up again. Tough break. Blizzard needs to remove the auction house until they have a working system.
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yeah, same here. very annoying. This would be more than annoying if this was a real money auction...
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