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Finally tried "melee" DH today

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After all the crap I gave people who said they wanted to make a melee DH, when a 1h axe dropped that raised my dps by over 500 and I found a good shield with dex to go with it, I just had to try it. Put in twin Chakrams, Impale, and Grenades with extra hatred gen and the bat to boot so I could spam my spenders.

Worst. Idea. Of. My. Life.

Used it against the Skeleton King in Hell, didn't die of course, but it was the absolute worse thing I've ever done. I forgot how much Chakrams sucked because they only would take out half the pack and did !@#$ty damage on top of that. Impale was great like it always is, until I ran out of hatred. Grenades has to be the absolute worst hatred generator ever. The damage is crap, they take forever to bounce out there, and half the time all of the grenades won't hit. If you're trying to throw from a range at all, the spread is giant by the time it reaches the enemy. The fight lasted forever and if it had been hard at all (I mean, come on, it was only the skeleton king) I probably would have been face-down halfway through the fight.

Moral of the story, unless you have a melee weapon that increases your dps by over double: don't even consider using. And in that situation, consider using it, but don't do it.
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dude you need to spec a bit better , id run with bat , more passive hate , dark power with hate
nades with cluster bomb, chakram with twin chakram, impale with overpen, den tumble or sticky traps.

nades get take some getting used to but their not bad

chakram imba vs groups of low hp mobs

impale with overpen lawls.

ps when you fight dont aim for constant dmg like ranged , your impale burst so strong , impale then trap or tumble (i perfer trap ) nade and laugh at the massive size of your cluster bomb, nade nade nade , trap , should be back to good amount of hate, impale impale.
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For the "melee" spec, you still use ranged weapons.
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