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*STILL* Stuck on authenticating credentials


You're right. I probably should have stated exactly what I have tried, but the list is so long and I wanted to get to my problem right away. In anycase, I have tried every single trouble shooting method on that page, along with all the other ones that pop up here in the technical forums regarding error 3007 (although our problem seems to be a little different).

Unfortunately, there still has not been any change in my ability to log on. After hours of trying I managed to log on last night and finally beat normal mode with my wizard. My original intention was to beat normal with every character before I commit to one through inferno, but as it looks like my play time will be severely limited by the authenticating boss, I think I'll just stick with my wizard for the long haul :(.
Just bumping to let everyone know that this is STILL A PROBLEM.
Same here. Stuck on Authenticating credentials. Both on Europe and NA servers. With Asia server being busy, I cant play on any of the 3 servers.
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I had the same problem with the launcher getting stuck authenticating and then it would time out. I did what Darius from above suggested and went to admin. tools/ services and changed secondary logon to automatic and this was an instant fix for me. I didnt even have to restart! Thanks Darius.
Same issue here. Can't login at all. Tried everything.

Pisses me off to be honest.
Having the same issues.
Hey guys I found this blue post today and unfortunately it has some sad news.


Everyone with a satellite internet connection demand refunds! We didn't know that only our isp's would be denied access to "authenticate" a game. Perpetual DRM shouldn't require a low ping and we should have been informed before purchase!
Try running the game with "Diablo III.exe -launch -auroraaddress" from the command line. It's the only way I'm able to run. I think the beta client messed something up, because when I inspect my outgoing ports it attempts to connect to another server (I'm guessing the beta server IP?)

source for the "correct" IP: http://us.battle.net/support/en/article/performing-a-traceroute
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Adding an authenticator worked for a little while, then stopped. A new fix that is working for me currently is manually ending Agent.exe in my task manager processes (a hanging process that isn't quitting itself when I quit Diablo 3, see previous post page 2) then launching Diablo III Launcher.exe instead of Diablo III.exe

Blizzard, please look at your Authenticator handshake and this Agent.exe process. Yes, I have performed every step in connection and 3007 troubleshooting.
Ive never even seen this game played yet, this sucks

I'm gonna have to try that when I get off work! Maybe it's the beta client that messed something up? Hopefully this actually lets me play when I want to :(

Darius I'll try your method too.. I'm running out of ideas :(

On the other hand.. maybe with all the SC2 I'm playing waiting for Diablo .. I will finally get to masters
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Welcome to the future of gaming, where single player games require a constant connection through a gauntlet of BS, all so companies can make more money by killing brick-and-mortar stores and the used game markets. Can't return your Diablo III for a refund? That's by design, brother.

I can't wait for microtransactions and streaming paytime to come next. Destroy me now, give it!

Haven't been able to connect -once- today to a game I paid big money for.

Funny how I don't see this connection issue with your monthly subscription games, Blizzard.
@vefe I haven't been able to connect for the last two days as well.. frustrating indeed. I just don't understand how I can play WOW without problems (shouldn't that require a "constant connection" as well??) but have so many problems with Diablo 3. :(:(
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On Launch Day, I was able to log-in, but would get disconnect with Error 3007 in a minute or less. For the last week, I can't get past the "Authenticating Credentials" issue either. I've played maybe 10 minutes since Launch. Terrible.
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First login attempt today, no luck.

No response yet from Blizzard.
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I really hope next week's patch addresses this. I find it insulting that there has been no response from Blizzard.

You sold us a product, it's not working. I can play any other online game in the world just fine. I can play your game maybe 10% of the time I try. Some days I can't even play, because I use up an hour trying to authenticate.

It's not my router, I've made a direct connection to my modem and I still have the same problem. I've done every single thing on your checklists, and nothing.

Let this be the last always online single player game we ever buy.

It's also shaping up to be the last Blizzard game I ever buy.
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mine keeps getting stuck on authenticatin credentials then keeps sayin 'you have been disconnected from battle.net'
Any help?, i have internet connection otherwise i wouldnt be posting this

I have a rather similar case here. I get a tick for my authentications, but when it comes to retrieving hero list, it will take up to 3 minutes and tell me that I have been disconnected and follow by the well known Error 3007. Been having this problem 3 days ago.

Hearing that Blizzard has a patch yesterday, I managed to login and play for hours on that night. As for this morning, I've managed to play this morning for 3 hours straight. But when it reaches the 4th hour, I started to experience some lags and I'm unable to chat. After awhile, Error 3007 message pops up, I'm still able to continue but have serious lag spikes. 15 minutes later, BAM...Disconnected and Error 3007. (FYI: I joined the general chat as I'm afraid to get DC-ed)

I've tried port forwarding, off my firewall but still can't get in.

Getting a refund doesn't solve my problem as I still wish to continue playing. Having been waiting for years and even replaying Diablo 2 few years back, this is an utterly disappointing result.

Hope that Blizzard can solve this problem ASAP.
2 days now ive been unable to get past authentication... unless i go to the us servers but i live in UK and have L60's n stuff +all my freinds are on... this game has been a constant headache for me blown a £200 graphics card and £60 power supply... can anyone else with this fault access the eu.battle.net ? it wont load the web site so ime guessing the in ability to find the servers is connected.
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