Diablo® III

In-Game: Keeps disconnecting me every 10 min

First of all: The launcher for Diablo 3 is launching without any problem. I can log in, choose my character and I barrerly have time to read the message in loading screen before I'm in the game, which is good!

The problem: Sometimes the whole game could just stop updating. Every enemy, ally and so on is having their animation going, but they're in same spot. After 20 to 30 seconds, one of these things could happen:
a) The game suddenly starts to update again. Which means that it is updated until the present, so if I'm surrounded by enemies and haven't mashed the mouse buttons while it didn't update, I would propably be dead when it starts to update again :D
b) I get the message: "The game connection has been lost: your client has been disconnected from the server" and will be sent to the character screen. All my stats is saved, but I'm starting at the last checkpoint.
Addition to this: Sometimes when I get the message, if I try to browse with my web browser, I couldn't reach any websites. I get a message in Google Chrome: "Cannot resolve the DNS-adess". Although, my connection is stable so other internet-related things may work". And I can use the internet connection with my smart phone at the same time.

When does this usually happen? During the evening/night, it is unplayable because it happens every 5 minute. Other time it is random. Around 1 pm til 6 pm, it could happens once every hour maybe.

Things I've tried:
  • Choose a different class than Barbarian.
  • Unchecked the checkboxes in launcher option.
  • Joined the general chat.
  • Port forwarded the following ports: 80, 1119, 6881-6999 on both TCP and UDP protocol and to my laptops local IP adress.

Here are some information regarding what I use:
Laptop: HP Compaq 8710p
Specs: Intel Core 2 Duo T7500, NVIDIA Quadro NVS 320M
Router Type: Netgear CG3100
Speed: 100/10 Mbit/s
In Game
Server: Europe
Playing: Monk lv 28 - Act 3 - Normal
Tried: Barbarian (Europe) and Witch Doctor (America)

I din't have this issue when I was playing in the open beta
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Bump to see if anyone else has this issue
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I've been having latency problems since launch, more so after the AH "fix", and the rolling restarts that happened during prime time last night.

A Blue started this thread last night.


I hope the problem gets fixed soon. :\
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I see you're playing barb, Whirlwind has a problem where if you use it, you'll start to lag out more and more until you disconnect. Are you using whirlwind? If so, switch it out for another skill and don't touch it until Blizzard fixes it. It's stupid, I know.

If you haven't been using Whirlwind, there's been HUGE problems since yesterday and it could be that.
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SOLVED: What I did was to stop using wireless connection and start using cable from router to get internet. I don't know how that affects the game, but I managed to play through most of act 3 and whole act 4 without one single dc.
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Still DC'ing here
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so am i. every 5 mins i keep DC'ing.
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Same here, DC once every 30min. This is Ridiculous!!! There is no way you can enjoy a game like this.
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Same issue. I DC every 10 15 minutes, lag a lot and I'm unable to progress through the story while all my other friends are on their second run through and is playing on nightmare difficulty, and ive been stuck on Act II for the last couple of weeks because of this issue :(
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Im also having this same problem of disconnecting every 30 mins or so. I get kicked all the way out and it says ive lost connection to the party. My internet connection and everything is fine even my latency in game. I constantly lose my stacks of NV and its pissing me off. :D
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Same here, I get DC'd seemingly randomly I have played on my laptop wirelessly, with a LAN cable plugged in, and even on a different network and I still get DC'd.
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Same issue here.
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Having the same problem the last couple of days. Game is unplayable especially on HC mode...
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yup, 3007 though
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I DC, and am playing 1 player game. Seriously Blizzard...
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i get a ping of 200 normally, but it randomly jumps up to 1300+ and i have a chance of disconnecting. its only been this week that id have this problem.
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