Diablo® III

How to open 2 diablo 3 in 1 computer

no bots allowed in d3
so u dont need 2 accounts running on 1 pc at the same time.. end discusion.

ofc if u have more cd keys i think u can get more diablo 3 accounts
but still only one account can be played at once
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Multibox is allowed (i'm not agree with that but anyway), so beter use some 3rd party program for multiboxing.
But u can not be logged on same account twice, so u need second copy as mentioned above.
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Thanks for all the replies.

I won't mind paying for the additional key from battlenet I just don't want to have to buy and own two physical copies of the same game or spend £45 for a digital copy (which is a bit of a rip off by the way) or her having to use my account all every time she wants to have a go. We're not even playing simultaneously.
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Are you kidding me? Just cause someone might want to run multi copies DOES NOT MEAN they are running bots. If they are legit, big friggin deal! They paid for the other copy!
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u can use the same paypal account for 2 diablo 3 accounts, I do the same thing with my girlfriend.
she made a ticket on bnet just to be sure that this won;t get us banned and the Game Master said it's ok., so Yes, u can link more diablo 3 accounts to the same paypal account, just be sure u trust the person u share the paypal account with, friends are friends till money comes around :)
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I need to transfer some items between my two accounts. If someone will write me at [removed], I'll give them the two battletags to add to friends and then when I'm done I'll give you a three key set for helping me.
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I am trying to run two diablos on my computer, i want to run 2 seperate accounts at the same time. I havent got the other account yet i am trying to get it working first. I have tried all the methods posted in this thread, with the first method from Goosems the 2nd diablo always crashes on startup before reaching the menu.With the second method from Scoobe of clicking diablo.exe it just says diablo is already running. Any advice would be much appreciated.
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Copy your whole D3 folder

make it like

and copy it to

then use a shortcut with -launch and it will work
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If your having issue's loading both. here is the fix I found.

Have a shortcut of the .EXE and the Launcher on your desktop.

Edit the .EXE with the -launch at the end of the file location within properties.

Load the launcher and click play. upon login screen swap to windowed mode. NOT full screen windowed mode. Exit diablo.

Load the .EXE shortcut you made and upon login screen, swap to windowed mode as above unless it is already in windowed mode. Exit diablo.

Load launcher. Click play. Login to account.
Load .EXE. Login.

Just gotta make sure they are both in windowed mode first before you attempt to open both or you will get that grey screen crash.

Be patient. sometimes the grey screen can sit for a few seconds before the second copy runs.

on a side note.

Copy your diablo 3 folder to a separate location. I.E. I have my diablo on a partition S and on my local C. Take the .EXE from each on desktop and edit one with -launch and you should be able to run both fine. Sometimes the files are in use and it causes other crashes. But the files on your computer are only to run the game and basic data. Being an internet hosted game you need to login to your account and move on to the server before starting another game, to ensure startup files are not in use already.

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Considering you already have two separate cd-key purchased and redeemed on separate bnet accounts.

Make Copy folder

Inside copy folder, create shortcut of the .exe

add -launch on the shortcut properties
(looks like "C:\Program Files (x86)\Diablo III\Diablo III.exe" -launch)

Also, having your Diablo or any Battle.net game on an SSD helps. Though, doing multiclient logins need crap ton of video card ram, 2gb at the minimum. Goodluck!
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06/26/2012 01:06 PMPosted by Omrakos

There is no officially supported method of running more than 1 Diablo III game client on a single pc. The approved method for using two or more game accounts simultaneously is to use two or more computers.

Customer Support Representative

I know there is an issue with Bots and ppl using multiple instances to abuse the game, but if this is the case then why does blizz allow the use of multiple instances of WOW? ill tell you they are getting paid for ppl playing WOW and there are far more abuse with WOW and all the farmers. i ran 2 accounts with wow for years and it was fun as hell to play 2 accounts at once. i never used a program to run both but it was nice to get gear and power lvl myself. so why cant we play 2 diablos at once? if someone abuses it then ban their accounts, dont punish the players who like to run multiple accounts. they are paying for the game.

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they should ban people who get pissy like a baby so what if u run to if u buy the game twice you should be able to play it how u want to as long as its not a bot or sumthing quit hatein
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I'm trying it I run dual screens and that's why I want it lvl my self and extra storage of items I paid 4 both account I should be able to use them at the same time same pc as far as bots go if you have 2 coms on a wifi net work they can both be connected anyway so 1 com dosent make any difference still 1 person 2 accounts some people
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I agree but You know how people are (its not fair) cause I cant do it.
well this isint kindegarden get over it life isint fair.
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Computer wont let me change file name in the properties/
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