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I crafted the staff. Spent pretty much all day getting it. Me and my friends went to the secret level and cleared it on regular. when I was going to attempt to buy the nightmare version it disappeared during my act-swapping. It's not sell-able. I did not drop it or anything, nor would I have, It's just gone. Several others are reporting this... so I opened a ticket.

Edit: Now after reading the whole "customer service will not restore item" thing, i'm going to have to say this is complete BS and needs to get resolved. There are a TON of claims of peoples items just missing and gone when they log in. You cannot continually blame account hacking or accidental loss on some of these.

Edit 2: Keep this post alive and bumped because of how hard you or someone you know worked for the POS staff.

Edit 3, Update: Still no ticket response. Just farmed all the items again, except for the pattern that the BS still has learned and i'm not buying the bell just yet. Actually I have liquid rainbow x2 luckily enough. Not sure what to do at this point..... make a new one? Doubt it. Probably going to sit on the mats and wait until blizz does/says A N Y T H I N G. On another note, I noticed I lost the item when i changed difficulties, and alot of people said the same, so i'm contempalting on creating it in nightmare, upgrading it in nightmare and staying in nightmare, to see if that works.

Edit 4: thanks for the blue post and correction of the post itself. Blues please give us an update of the actual issue when possible

but then again it might be better to not log in for 2-3 months.............
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same here dude, lost my staff of herding nightmare edition :O

here we go to farm all itens again :I
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No. **** that.

They need to fix this. It isnt an accidental loss, this is THEIR problem with OUR time.

I'm not farming all that again.....
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Bumping for justice.
Same thing happened to me. Opened up a ticket, its 24 hours old.

I gave up and i have 3/4 materials i need to make another. Ive accepted support wont do !@#$.
Then it will just go missing again. Awesome. Let me know what they say to your ticket, ill keep track of this post
Sure thing, but knowing blizzard theyll want to roll me back or some !@#$ like that. Ill lose like 10 levels and a crap ton of gold and good drops.

Rather just farm it back.
I might just avoid playing for a little if that's the case. I stopped once I got it, really. I'm the kind of person that is so unlucky with drops it takes me a month to get something like this, and for the first time ever I was lucky with farm drops and got the three hardest items in like and hour or two....id take the roll back at this point.
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Well giving you a heads up. I finished gathering everything an hour ago.
You are not alone--I farmed my mats, got my staff, did Whimsyshire on normal, relogged, and lost my staff. Now I understand Blizzard will not restore lost items....

but please!!! If this is a bug, which it probably is cause many people are experiencing it, can we get some clarification on how the staff works? I will not complain if it comes down to me making the staff again; I just want to know that when I do make the staff again, it will not pull a vanishing act on me.

Cause if I lose another staff of herding.... :(

Edit 1:

Farmed the mats relatively easy to re-make the staff. Got it upgraded to nightmare and things still work fine. Still, if there is a bug, it needs to be addressed.
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So... What I am getting at is that after you do Whimseyshire, that the staff is still in your inventory, but when you decide to leave the game and join a new one, the staff is gone?

I would hate for Blizz to come out and say it was working as intended because the logic behind it vanishing because you left the game wouldn't mean anything since it seems that you only need to use the staff to open it and after that you can just stash it and you can still enter.

Am I correct on this?
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A friend and I have had the capability to make the nightmare version for about a day now, but we are hesitant to go along with it with all these posts :/

...The worst thing is that Blizz probably won't openly acknowledge that there is a problem/tell us if its been resolved because of the staff being "secret".
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its not intended. its an item; a staff that sits in your bags. you can equip it, or not equip it. it sits there forever until you upgrade it or destroy it.

or it disappears because of a bug and blizzard avoids all claims of it and does nothing about it.
I lose mine as well. I just submitted a ticket in. I kind of lose all motivation to play until this is fixed.
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I lose mine as well. I just submitted a ticket in. I kind of lose all motivation to play until this is fixed.

24 hours and counting on my ticket. still no response

several people have tickets for 48+ hours with none.

GG. You'd think we are beta testing.
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O good I thought i tossed it on the ground or something. I was about to post a comment about why they shouldnt train us to toss gray and white items on the ground, and then make a very important item gray...

So maybe i didnt toss it on the ground! Although You should still change the color of the staff to rainbow or something not gray or white!
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same thing happened to me, twice in one day no less
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yea i lost all my gold between 2 of my characters, lost all my inventory in one character including the armor that he was wearing and all the items in the stash
I'm so freaking disappointed right now, I can't believe they just won't resolve this for anybody. Are they so skeptical to think that we DIDN'T farm the materials for this, and that we're ALL lying to them about our "missing" staves? They have the power to restore items, they're just unwilling to.

This is not the type of item someone should be forced to farm twice, and the response "We cannot replaced lost items" is disgraceful. Blizzard should be accountable for their mistakes, it's none of our faults that the game was released as a beta.


Just sucks...

Had my staff upgraded to Hellish in normal mode right after i found my last requirement, logged out to start a hell game... gone...

~1 million gold, no big deal, thanks blizz.

EDIT: Not sure if Karma's looking after me, but I had tremendous luck refarming the mats and got all of them back in under 30 minutes. I'm still short a ton of gold though......
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