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Wizard - Hydra Resets Stand My Ground (Shift

To whom it may concern. Over the the past week I discovered a bug while playing with the Wizard. I would be casting electrocute on some demons while standing a distance away and holding my ground. While casting electrocute I would then cast a Hydra and my character would cast the hydra and then start running towards the pack of demos or running to where my mouse clicked while casting the hydra. The whole time I would be holding down "Shift" standing my ground but as soon as I could cast hydra it was like the shift button was lifted. Clearly this is a bug as your character is not supposed to move at all while the "Shift" key is being held down. I tested by bug theory in town using several different spells and other abilities and the hydra is the only spell that I could determine would interrupt the "Standing my Ground"

To recreate this.

Hold down the shift Key
Start cashing Electrocute at a distance away from your character.
While Casting Electrocute cast a Hydra at a distance away from your character
Your character will start running despite the fact you are still holding down the shift key. to get your character to stop running you either have to stop casting electrocute or release the shift key and push it down again.

I originally discovered this bug pretty early and figured out a quick workaround by just taking my finger off the shift key real quick while casting the hydra and immediately hitting the shift key once the hydra is cast. However, I sometimes screwed up the timing and in the Hell Difficulty where the most minor mistake is the matter of life or death and keeping as far away from demons is the of the most imperative importance for a wizard I figured I should report this ASAP and hope it will be fixed quickly thereafter.

Also I was wondering why Magic Weapon does not have a timer or if that was a minor bug as well? I was thinking it was a bug as everything else with some kind of time sensitivity to it has a time I.E. all the wizards armor spells, the battlefield bonuses, archon (and this is even variable). It baffles me why there is not a timer for magic weapon and it is quite difficult to figure out if it is still active as there is no distinguishing characteristic except your character does more damage
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I am also having this problem. Even though this is a year later, the bug still seems to be relevant.
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