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One hand or two handed?

I'm at lv 36 with a 60dps dagger with 50/50 int/vit, IAS, and use an off hand with 5~6 dps+ and some decent int/vit. All my gear has the best int/vit stats I can find, and my dps is around 770 unbuffed, and 880 with the 15% passive.

Any tips on how to get to 1.2k + dps? Is my weapon too weak and should I get a two-hander?
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When I went from a 1 hander to a two hander, I went from ~200 DPS to ~550-600 DPS. I was level 29 and was running around the end of Act 3 one shotting champions with Magic Missle. Once I got my Flint Familiar, nothing could stop me. In act 4 I killed Izual in 10-15 seconds on my first play through. Make sure to get a good Intel two hander though, and socket rubbies for more +dmg.
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grab a 100 dps weapon in a3 nm or auction earlier change you get it.

all mostly dependent on wpn, not stats.
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Interesting, thought 60 dps at my level was pretty good...
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What level are you?
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I prefer using a 2h weapon because I dont really want to use a signature spell (im only in a2 nightmare, so this may change later).

So when you use a 2h weapon your casting speed is lower but your damage is greater. With the proper build I can have a (literally) never ending stream of Ray of Frost. And RoF is probably the best single target spell, so I use that for single targets and blizzard for AoE.
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I use a 2 hander and Magic Missle/Obliterate and can kill anything quickly. Yes you do fire slowly with a 2 hander, but it packs a wallop, and 1 shotting 95% of regular mobs and 2-3 shotting everything else but bosses doesn't get old.
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To do you tend to die a lot more when using a 2h? Im finding it hard atm
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No, but I have the templar geared out decently and use http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/wizard#aiYRjX!aYX!aZZaaa as my build. I stay away from the mobs, LOS them when ever I can, and just have potions on stand by incase I do get in a hairy situation. I died twice in Normal A4, once because of lag (I'm playing on a crap connection) and once because of a double pack of champions and some lag.

I get to where I can see them, drop my Hydra, then light them up with disintegrate, they are mostly dead by the time they get to me and if they aren't, it's rune wipes them out with it's extra attacks.
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05/21/2012 03:30 PMPosted by Nacho
To do you tend to die a lot more when using a 2h? Im finding it hard atm

Im using a 2H staff , currently I'm lvl 45 at Nightmare Act III. I Can survive just fine with 14.4k HP and 50% dmg reduction with 2.5k DPS.

This is my current build. http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/wizard#WiXlSO!aYf!aZaZZZ
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Im new to this game, and this is a serious noob question but, how do i change my spells? for example my right click only limits me to pick from RoF, Arcane orb, Arcane torrent and disintegrate. What am i doing wrong?
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Turn Elective mode on in gameplay options. It gets rid of that restriction.

No idea why its not default, or why something so game changingly powerful would just be a checkbox in the options.
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finally! thats better, thanks alot! I knew i was doing something wrong.
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