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Overflow of rare items. what to do with them

i have 3 toons full of rare items that i just am not using. We are limited to 10 auctions at a time. Anyone doing anything interesting with their overflow rare's?
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Sell the really good ones on the AH, vendor or disassemble the rest.

Edit - Yeah, Rare items are not rare at all. lol
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that might be where i am getting myself hung up. With the word 'rare'. I guess salvaging the tons i have would be a good idea.
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Salvage the crappy ones, AH the ones that could net you a few thousand gold. There are certain ingredients you need to craft better equipment that you find in abundance when you salvage a rare item.
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05/21/2012 02:42 PMPosted by Vrakmar6969
that might be where i am getting myself hung up. With the word 'rare'. I guess salvaging the tons i have would be a good idea.

I was trying to save/auction all of mine as well.

After this weekend I feel like I have a good idea of what people want so I sell those items and salvage the others.
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Yeah also have stores of rares but getting a feeling for what peopel want and what people dont want so selling or sc#*@@*@ things that dont make the cut. Still hard to bring yourself to do sometimes mild hoarders syndrome. Wonder if the hoarders show could do a Online D3 expose haha
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Just sell them 10 at a time with a buyout of 5-10x the price you would get from a merchant. This will still be ridiculously cheap compared to similar rares on the AH, and they'll sell within 5 minutes because people sort by lowest buyout.
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Yep - i give them to my blacksmith and he turns them into dust with his magic chipper shredder.

Magic dust takes up way less room.
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Anyway whatever item you find, you'll find a better one on the AH. How's that to destroy a game ?
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Sell or destroy (for crafting) the ones that don't have desireable stats.

The auction house is already flooded with worthless weapons and items that only an idiot would buy, do us all a favor (and yourself) and only post the good ones.
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Once I got out of Act I on normal, I don't think I've equipped an item that DIDN'T come from the AH. Random drops are useless and everyone on the AH seems to agree.
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