Diablo® III

Wizard best class in the game?

I'm only a level 53 with all yellow items besides for one.. Anyways alot of people on here bash the wizard saying its not powerful and you die to often..

Well I on the other hand believe its one of the most powerful classes. The problem is that you need to be good with your wizard and know how to use them..

I believe I made a great decision on my class. HBU guys?
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I am loving my wizard.
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Its a great class actually. The problem is half the spells and abilities don't work as advertised.

But when they do work, it is glorious.
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I was struggling until I thought: hey, I forgot the wizard is supposed to be all about damage. And then the stomping began. I only got to act 3 in nightmare, but often it feels like I'm still in normal. Now this may sound very basic. That's because it is. But people need to live by a couple of rules when playing the wizard:

- Keep your dps as high as possible. Get those upgrades from merchants and blacksmith. Fill up those sockets with +damage and +intelligence. Grab Magic Weapon/Familiar/Glass cannon
- learn to kite. Know the attack patterns of your enemies. Depending on how good you are at it, you can go for those +damage abilities without looking too much at Vitality (it is important though).
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What's your build?

I've found that Wizards are awful to play as because I have to use a build like this to be effective at all. http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/wizard#iYXTSj!YXa!ZZZZZa

One attack, 3 passives, and 2 oh !@#$ buttons. Sorry but that isn't very fun. Not to mention the fact that to kill anything I have to run around for awhile since my only damaging spell is a channeled spell.

Also, most of the Wizard's attacks just don't do enough damage for their cost. Meteor's damage should be doubled AT LEAST. Same with Blizzard. They don't do enough damage for stationary attacks that require nearly half of your resources. Slow Time and Teleport are jokes. Wave of Force is useless in most situations and Energy Twister is never worth casting over all of the other damaging spells in the Wizard arsenal. Hydra is good but only on bosses where it can live out it's full duration. You simply run around too much for it to be worth a spot on your bars. Ice Armor's freeze has a CD which is awful considering there are so many enemies in this game. Explosive Blast is the same as Energy Twister. Mirror Images doesn't even work. Most of the mobs ignore the Mirror Images and simply attack you anyway. Archon is cool but you lose access to your defensive abilities (which means death). Signature Spells are awful...

As far as passives go some are just too mandatory while others have little use at all. I also find it weird that instead of Glass Cannon putting us above all the other classes in damage at the cost of being squishy it puts us ON PAR with the other classes while making us squishy. Illusionist is useless because MI and Tele are useless.

About Teleport. It is sad when something like Leap is directly better in every single way. Lower CD, same range and can jump up/down stairs/cliffs or w/e. Why can't Teleport go through walls? Why does it have such a long CD when it has a very short range and can't go through walls? It should have a 6-8 second CD with Archon giving it no CD, if you have the rune, if you kept it with no ability to go through walls or up stairs or pretty much anywhere that isn't a straight line with incline or well, anything in the way. (Sounds like Blink from WoW >.>) I wouldn't mind giving it a 20-30 AP cost with no CD either, with Illusionist removing the AP cost for a bit.

Another problem with Wizards is snares lasting at most 3 seconds. That is absolutely nothing. Blizzard should at least slow them enough to do it's damage instead of them running straight out of it while taking very little damage. Why not have Blizzard follow a creature if you cast it directly on them?

Basically Wizards are fine. But only if you use a very specific set of abilities and ignore 90% of their toolkit because all of it is useless.
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You know what I've noticed? Every single class in the game thinks their class is terrible.

Blizzard either did something right, or something very wrong :)
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Loving my wizard and glad it can seemingly handle 90%+ of the elite groups I run into right now in inferno with my less than ideal items. Although ATM I feel the amount of viable builds is less than I was hoping. Also signature spells seem rather pointless haven't used them since lvl 40 or so.

Besides that I like the spells graphics and love how things go boom. And the big 6 digit crits.
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the sig spells are the only concern i have. They are pretty much useless and have no viable reason to be on a skill bar. It's true you are limited to builds as the snares, or survival skills are for the most part useless to surviving anything. The power though is different i feel i can down anything if I'm not spending my time running from it. (though you made that point as well.)
my build is hydra, bliz,meteor, familiar, ench weap, storm armor, and force. I do quite well I'm groups doing most the damage quickly. though the point was made that if the group can't hold or snare then I'm screwed.
Often times the wiz is best when the other classes use THEIR utilities, DH refuse to use snares for some reason thinking they are the ultimate dmg dealers, barbs rarely use their group stun lock and taunts and monks often become melee glass cannons of their owns. I see where you make your point on the wiz utility and its why i rolled a barb as well to actually move through the game faster and i have. Whenever i group up i instantly become the tank and keep all aggro and attacks on me changing my gear to vit instead of str. If Bliz did change the utilities i think just modifying the CD for survival skills is needed so we can last and depend more on ourselves then having dumb group mates or frustrating weak builds at higher levels.
The one argument i make for other people is mostly they are new to the concept of D3. I have yet to meet true Diablo fans who know strong builds and the tactics of the classes. When i asked for snares or a change in builds people think they are playing WOW (and they're not) and often think this is a rip off version of it when Diablo made Wow's foundation, i digress but once the bugs have been cleared up and Blizzard observes the class builds on a larger scale then balance or tweaks will be made. until try a different class if not satisfied there's 4 more :)
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correction familiar is off bar since i end up pulling aggro so force wave is used but i don't like using it, i prefer fan instead to do crazy crit dmg
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Yeah the qoute under what i believe is the glass cannon spell tells you what is up, i do just fine.. even learning to tele in for a wind nova and tele out on a reg basis. = )
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OF course we are the best in the game inferno with 6k hp? no problem. Such a boss class
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So really what is the best class then?
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I nominate this sexysanta69 guy for #1 Necro of the Year award. And the year's not even half through.
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04/09/2013 11:13 AMPosted by sexysanta69
So really what is the best class then?

The necromancer? Pun intended
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love my wiz. ^_^
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necro lately has been becoming a popular trend.
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04/09/2013 11:45 AMPosted by novice
necro lately has been becoming a popular trend.

Rise my brothers! Rise and do battle!
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Glass cannon isn't very good In my opinion. There are much better passive choices, even if you want more damage. For example, I go with cold blooded since I use comet.
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Wizard is the only class in the game. Except barbs. Barbs are op
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