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$500+ stolen from my parents bank account...


I find this suspect. What would someone gain by stealing credit card information only to buy blizzard in-game products?

If they actually had your credit card information they would be attempting to buy things that can be resold for real money.
Are you reading GD yet, blues?
I work for a bank. If your parents account was charged from a credit/debit card transaction that you did not make, then you NEED to file a dispute as quickly as possible. With Credit Cards specificly there may be additional finance charges at the end of the month.

However, it seems like you are trolling because a sudden influx in small transactions like typically send off alerts on the accounts that gets it shut down rather quickly.
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Super troll! People really need to stop exploiting this terrible and unfounded hacking hysteria. It just seems like more people are getting hacked because more people are on battlenet to hack. The % is the same, the numbers just rose.
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This is serious, and your parents should immediately report this to their credit institution, so their fraud protection department can get to work on this. In most cases they put the money back immediately while they investigate it.

In the meantime, it doesn't sound as though this is directly Blizzard's issue, as they aren't going to keep your credit card information attached to your Battle.net account unless you're also using that card as a primary method of ongoing payment for a monthly subscription to World of Warcraft. Having purchased Starcraft 2 isn't enough for someone to have gotten ahold of the credit card.

That isn't always the case, a lot of major corporation use database software to store this data. Half the time customers and employee's don't realize that this information is keep in their records.

There was a case I think last year or so regarding this. TJMAXX - that family got hacked for 80gigs worth of credit card information. Once you use your card once it's 90% of the time kept with that company( in hopes you will be a repeat and they will have your info at hand).
Your parents probably made it up to make you feel guilty and play less lol...
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Someone most likely stole the credit card information and it's unrelated your battle.net account if the charges are not showing on your personal account.
I installed diablo3 3 days ago...Now I failed all my exams , lost my job , my gf left , lost my house , my parents hate me , my dog died and House MD ended with a poor series finale . Wtf Blizzard?

Seriously OP , if someone stole money from your credit card , it's very unlikely it's from D3 . You sure you haven't been visiting "adult" sites recently ? Do a virus scan .
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You used your parent's credit card? How bless are you? I wish my parents were not sub-human. :O
I don't recall having to attach my credit card to my account in anyway when I installed. This thread confuses me.
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05/22/2012 09:46 AMPosted by Mault
Also, before anyone makes any snide remarks, I do have an authenticator.

Nuff said to all the potential get an authenticator trolls. Minus well post your AV and Malware software, pretty sure someone going to say you have a virus or keylogger.
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I'm very sorry to hear that this happened, Mault. Please feel free to contact our Billing & Account Services department with any questions you may have regarding your account and its recent purchases. I would also strongly encourage your parents to contact their financial institution if they believe the purchases were made in error.

This article may also assist: http://us.battle.net/support/en/article/unauthorized-use-of-credit-or-debit-card
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