The Gold AH reported 3 items as sold but when I checked the 'completed' tab there is no gold for the items. They are, however, listed as being sold in the history column to the right.

I have other items that sold around the same time, but the gold for them was delivered successfully.

The unsuccessful ones were:
1. Adventuring heavy boots of the bear (order ID: 50749595)
2. Adventuring Ring (order ID: 50703643)
3. Adventuring Ring (order ID: 50689707)

I remember it taking a few minutes to list these items. I received a "timed out" error after attempting to list them. When I checked my active auctions, it showed the listing succeeded however.

The net gold to me after the 15% for these 3 auctions would have been 427g. I don't expect to be compensated, but I thought you should know this is happening. I will refrain from listing any expensive items on the AH until this is resolved because I am afraid of loosing the gold.