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Auction house Diablo 3, bought Items, no item

I was purchasing some Infernal Dye in the auction house and I was buying it at 4,481 gold per dye. It was taking a while, and sometimes failing, but all in all I should have had 4 in my completed items. I went to completed items, and none of my dyes were there, so I logged out and went back and it showed and charged me for 6 Infernal dyes, none of which were in the area to transfer to my stash. Instead, there are 4 increments of 4 gold and 1 increment of 5 gold to transfer to my stash. So apparently I paid 26,886 gold to be randomly given 21 gold in return instead of dye. Help please?
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I've recently encountered a similar issue. I tried to buyout an auction for 30,000 gold, and received an error message saying my request timed out. However, auction house records show I was charged 30,000 gold for an item I did not receive.
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I just sold something and was supposed to receive 187,000 gold and never got it. The other items that i sold for less than 10,000 however, the gold all showed up immediately...
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I am having the same problem I bought on item and It said "failed timed out" so I went to get another one it and bought yet a different item instead did the same thing "failed timed out". It has charged me the gold for the items and says i Bought them but I can not send them to my stash
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Purchased a bow for 900k, has not shown up in over 2 hours. Money still gone.

If this is happening with gold in the AH, I can imagine what's going to happen with the RMAH. Spend $50 on that uber awesome legendary, never get the item.
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Same situation here.
From another topic:
I just bought a weapon for 15k, got an error of "time out" affter clicking buyout. My money is gone, the item is on my list of bought, and i'm still on the wait to receive it. Hope it comes someday...
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THe same thing happened to me. I bought a rare shoulder armor for about 80K. After clicking on buyout, i waited for a while before the time out message appeared. The money was deducted so I checked the completed tab but nothing appeared. I waited for an hour before checking it again and again, nothing appeared.
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