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Does IAS really help the Wizard?

I have a ring and an ammy that give increased attack speed, and they both say they give more to my dps than high intelligence rings. I use disintegrate as my main spell, so I don't know if it really affects it or not. Does IAS help all spells damage, or just signature spells/non-channel attacks?
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it increases your dps, and works on channeling spells, but it drains your AP much quicker too
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I just got to Hell difficulty, and here is what I feel

IAS is great for normal and nightmare, cuz you have chance to stand there to cast your disintegrate or any other channeling spell. But in hell, I can never face the elites with channeling spells. In such case, IAS does not contribute to your damage output, eventhough it shows a good dps in your status.
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gotcha. thanks for the info!
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IAS is really good. I have an attackspeed of 1.81 and it helps so much. In hell mode I can kite, quickly fire off 3 arcane orbs before the elites reach me and rinse and repeat.

As far as damage goes, I took the gloves off and damage decreased by close to 1000.
Gloves are +50vit +14 IAS from memory.
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if u use blizz+hydra, ias is useless =P
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IAS is almost negative dps for most builds.

It will be godsend for pvp, but right now its only use is front loading damage. otherwise, faster AS just drains your AP faster for the same or even less damage.
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Heard of signature spells? You know, the free ones? They benefit massively from IAS.
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