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What are Wizards doing act2 Inferno

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What are the most important stats to get in inferno past act 1

Resistance, Int, Vit in that order?

And is everyone trying to get HP regen steal etc in their gear?

Plz no force Armorstats going legit builds
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Act 2+ on inferno is pretty !@#$ed up (the elite mobs, not the bosses). I'm trying to get DPS up and movement speed increase so I can kite better and run away faster. Your HP doesn't really matter because at most 2-3 hits will kill you regardless of HP (I do have force armor but my HP is at 14k). Basically I kite with arcane orb, using mirror image to block, and if they get too close I run + pop diamond skin.
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I just kept stacking as much int and + damage on gear as I could. I got through act 2 with around 20k hp, but I did still use force armor with the understanding that I could take 3 hits instead of 1 that way. Should be able to finish up the last little bit of act 3 under the same system at around 28k damage.
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Plz no force Armorstats going legit builds

So, you're not even going to use Energy Armor with a build that doesn't stack health regen / absence of vit?
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