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D2 dialogue vs D3 dialogue

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Diablo 3 has a lot of good dialogue. It's true for cinematics, Lore Journals and a lot of NPCs including artisans and followers.

Unfortunately it also has a lot of bad dialogue, most of which is pretty much useless and the saddest part is that the bad dialogue is usually the one describing the main quest, and therefore you will always hear it.

That's it exactly. The dialogue is a mixed bag, but it seems many people prefer to dwell on the bad lines while completely ignoring the good ones.

Well that's the point of this thread. SHOW us the good dialogue.

Otherwise, stop claiming that it's there.

Covetous Shen. Pick any line.
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102355 Stone of Jordan sold to Merchant.
102356 Stone of Jordan sold to Merchant.
102357 Stone of Jordan sold to Merchant.
102358 Stone of Jordan sold to Merchant.

*Screen Shakes.. Screen Shakes...*

Diablo Walks the Earth.

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The only amazing dialogue in Diablo 3 was from Covetous Shen.

But Covetous Shen is pretty damn awesome, pretty much the coolest character in D3.
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I just finished and was dismayed by lack of quality memorable writing and presenatation. :(

I have no issues with gameplay apart from incredible cluster!@#$ of spells on screen even when playing alone, so most times I can't even see clearly what's going on.

But the story and writing....terrible. No atmosphere, no hair raising lines, nothing...

Act 2 cinematic is exception, it feels like it was done by a different team than all the other cinematics and the rest of the game.

Huge huge letdown overall.
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05/27/2012 07:31 AMPosted by Chrono
Seriously, D2 isn't going anywhere: if it is so superior, then just don't bother with its inferior sequel.

Do you really not want Blizzard to improve their games?

Well, that's just it: I think Blizzard's newer games have better plot, characterization and presentation. You, on the other hand, want D2 and SC1/BW all over again: guess what, these games are still available, so long as Blizzard doesn't decide altering them like George Lucas did with his Special Editions.

If you can't stand Blizzard's new stories, then be a man (or a woman) and start boycotting them. Unlike StarCraft, there are plenty of decent alternatives to Diablo on the market (i.e. Torchlight).
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Has anyone mentioned the bastion's keep footsoldier? Some of them sound slow and retarded. Seriously, if you have not heard them, I urge you to go to Act 3 and hear the footsoldiers talk.

I am talking about the footsoldiers that are on the floor and get hit by the meteors and the footsoldiers that are fighting as basically just fodder.
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You, on the other hand, want D2 and SC1/BW all over again: guess what, these games are still available, so long as Blizzard doesn't decide altering them like George Lucas did with his Special Editions.

I also want to see Blizzard continue to make games with quality on par with D2 and SC/BW. It's disappointing when the sequels to the great games they've made in the past feature greatly weakened storytelling.
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Then don't play the inferior games and stick to the superior ones.
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There's nothing idiotic in sending Blizzard a strong message while saving your money.
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I felt sad for diablo in d3 when he started to drone on and on about his master plan, his champions and how the "nephalem" (stupid concept and major fail on blizzard's part) couldn't stop him... I was thinking in my head, with ironic sadness and sympathy for this once scary villain, "yes diablo, of course I will not be able to stop your champions or your plan".

Diablo went from a lovecraftian horror that even in death could influence and corrupt mighty and brave heroes, to a skeletor level villain.

I enjoyed d3 in many ways- the gameplay, the graphics of the settings, the variety of the enemies- but they failed very strongly regarding the plot and the writing overall.
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Surprised no one has mentioned the worst one of all:

"I am Legion"

I don't wanna talk about it.

I really didn't like this as well, but I looked it up and it seems to be a biblical reference that makes at least a little sense (from a madman possessed by several demons). Lamely-delivered in this game, in my opinion, but it was probably a little better to those people who actually got the reference. For the rest of us it might have helped to have the full line: "I am legion, for we are many."

There are some good quotes in D3, to be sure, but there are SO MANY bad ones. Nostalgia may tint the comparison with previous installments, but in D1 and D2 dialogue was much more sparse and therefore had fewer opportunities to sound corny. As has been noted, the bad guys in D3 are way too chatty. The comic book villain is not a bad comparison. I can't wait until a complete transcript of the D3 quest dialogue is available, it might be amusing to read.
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Yeah I really don't see this game being replayed anywhere near as much as the first two titles given how annoying the story is. If there was a way to cut out all the dialog without having to bind the escape key to the middle mouse button I might give it one more run.

By the way, when I say run through I do not mean 1-60: I'm talking going from Act 1 normal to the end of Act 4 normal.
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"Crazy stories" like its outlandish to go one step up from little and medium sized demons to a big one? And what's the point of it? There was a fraction of the dialogue in D2 but in that short time everything had impact. Not only does it seem odd that someone from Tristram would question the supernatural at this late a date in the story but why take up space in the main plot line with this?

It is to them. And Leah isn't from Tristram. She was born and raised in Caldeum, then went off with Deckard Cain seeing some strange things, but most could be explained away as the natural order of the world, not some huge twisted plot by a grand evil commander. Besides, Tristram is a pretty isolated little town and townsfolk all over the world tend to exaggerate things and make them into folklore.

This. I agree with your other post too, very good logic.

Also, most people forgot about the Vizjerei, it was a myth. Like most small towns, tristram is either ignored or ridiculed. Would we believe something like that happening in a small town? Nope.

The dialogue was the worst part.
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"Moo moo, moo moo moo, MOoo " MOOOOOOOOOo !!!

Ding !
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D2 did not have much memorable dialog. Rose-colored glasses. It was just as cheesy as D3.

"I stood in the doorway between the darkness and the light. What was left of my sanity implored me not to enter. But that voice was just a whisper now"
Now that's storytelling, and that's what is missing in D3.
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