While doing an Act 1 speed run through normal on my wizard, I encountered a bug with teleport that, as far as I could tell, was linked with storm armor. I was using Storm Armor, Scramble rune (increased run speed on hit) and Teleport, Wormhole rune (multiple casts in first second of use).

What would happen is that if I chain cast teleport (usually 3-4 times) while under the effects of storm armors run speed buff, the Teleport - Reversal rune would activate itself shortly after. By this I mean I would get teleported back to where I started and my teleport skill would go back on cooldown (No I did not try and use the ability, did this on its own). I had this occur twice over the entire act 1, so there is likely something I am missing out on in order to replicate the bug, but I hope this is ample information to lead whomever in the correct direction.