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Energy Twister : What would you do?

Hi everyone! In order to give a bit more visibility to Energy Twister and how it isn't on par with the rest of our skills I thought it might be a good idea to see what ideas everyone had that would make the skill more useful and worthy of being on some (not all) our hotbars.

As you may or may not be aware :
- Energy Twister deals it's damage over time, so while that 360/468% damage looks amazing in reality it's 60/78% damage.
- Energy Twister is sporadic, slow and tends not to go where you want it to.
- Anything with a Fast Affix or simply natural speed (damn soul ripper tounge demons) may not even take a single tick!

Now that said - Diablo Clones love using this ability. Upgrading it will make him significantly harder!

So here are my ideas :
1) Increase the damage to 160% damage per tick. This means it'll do slightly less then a celestial arcane orb (which is gaurenteed to hit a mob). Fast affix mobs will still be a hassle, but you can at least dump them in their face. A lucky hit will net you 960% damage, but the probability of that occuring outside of small coridoors is low.

2) Change the damage to instant - anything hit is hit once only - but deals the full 360/468. That puts the skill slightly weaker then Zombie Bears, letting it be a nice pbaoe. It's weakness would be its like a shotgun, you can't rely on it from far.

3) Go back to the Druid roots and give these boys a high chance to proc a stun. Make them more spammable and increase their speed ever so slightly.

4) Make them the spiritual successor to D2 Charged Bolts. Spammable, cheap, highly erratic damage that always starts at point blank.

What do you guys think would make Energy Twister worth investing into and a more interesting skill?
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Here are a few options:
-Make it seek enemies and last longer, but same slow speed.
-Make it channelled where longer you channel it, more dmg it will do
-Ground target and vortex enemies into the tornado on initial cast. Put a cooldown on it obviously.
-Rune to convert it to an armor that gives you additional dodge and take less dmg from ranged attacks.
-Frost tornado that spits out ice and chills enemies as it moves around.
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I like the seeking aspect, little things chase the mob, would make them much stronger on slow mobs. Still, a Fast Affix would render them useless.
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I thought the runes were supposed to give us what we want in exchange for some other functionality.

Use wicked wind to gain more control over it, or use mistral breeze to use it more often..ect.

It was one of the most amazing spells before critical mass was un-nerfed, and can still reset your cooldowns quite frequently, ultimately though I went back to kiting.
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lol it does deal 360/468 dmg but its over the 8 sec it cast lol
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