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Viable tanking DH build?

Is it possible to use a shield, stack resists and vitality and be able to work through Inferno without the need to kite everything?

Life on hit gear with as much defensive gear as you can get while chaining Shadow Power with Gloom as much as possible... Would this be viable with enough gear?
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So I assume no class will be able to do this. Does that mean that past Inferno Act 1 everyone will have to kite everything? That's all Inferno will be? One big kite fest or nuke mobs down before they get to you.

Sounds lame TBH.
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It is viable if you stack enough resistances/armor/whatever else. Of course that means you'll need top-notch gear to do it. Gloom is a 65% DR, not something trivial.

Let's say something hits you for 150k before reduction.
With 50% reduction off armor that's 75k.
With 60% reduction off resistances that's 30k.
With 65% reduction off Shadow power that's 10.5k.
With 15% reduction off Guardian turret that's 8925.

With enough VIT, you'll have the HP to take a number of hits. Someone check my math because it's very late and I'm half-asleep. Note that I'm not saying it's viable currently, but with enough gear (probably very expensive) you'll be able to pull it off.

Another issue is you'll have to find some way of keeping gloom up for long durations because it IS pretty disc-intensive.
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tried it, doupt u can get enought for it to matter, we can stack enought where we dont get 1 shot by everything, but no tanking
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Trust me Resist doesnt help you...as much as you expect I have over 130% resist in all and some i have over 170 yet they do about 61k dmg on me .
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That's what barbs do and despite having innate damage reduction and huge boost to resistance they need extremely well gear to handle act 3. Chaining shadow power could make this work but with a gear that defensive most likely you'll get out of discipline before pack dies.
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Yeah i have 4.9k with all resist over 130 . 170s on fire and posion anyway in act 3 once i face upon fire champion one hit from them i tak3 6.9k hp which makes my items useless right now also just to add i have 2700 def as well. The nerf made it real tough for DH atleast for me.
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