Diablo® III

Buyout instantly accepted, gold gone, no item

Bought 3 items and sold 2...took my gold and received no items...indicated I sold 2 items and gave me no gold!!! This games a flop. Makes WoW look like a good game and its crap too.
Same here bought 4 items order id # 95785961 # 95773153 # 95757295 # 93961384 my goid is gone and no items in my stash, please fix it as soon as possible.
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ugh, Should've checked here before I went ahead and spent 100k for an item I never got... Thought I would have learned earlier today....guess the AH is at you own risk until further notice.
Also the same issue. Bought about 10 items, whole new wardrobe for my level, none made it to my stash but all my gold is missing.

Also the things in my completed list I hit send to stash and the button just greyed out. When I relogged the completed list was empty but I don't know if the gold made it to the stash or not.
Bought a total of 5 items, for 200k ++ but item doesn't appear in complete list. Please fix it TIA!
same here, 40 rings, and 400k
i found my #id its 96023763
Bro, Mouse your cursor over the item you bought in the auction log.
Same problem..... i need the glove that i bought...
I am having same problem
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Items sold, NO GOLD. WOW, What is wrong with this AH...Everything was fine by now... Please fix all my 300k gold losses....
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by the way, I wonder what happens on the sellers end...do they get the gold? get the item back? Or also lost out on both?

And people were wondering why some people would buy/sell items from a 3rd party site? I never (Not once) had this problem with Ebay/PayPal during the D2 days...
Just tossing in that I'm having the same issue. Not so expensive, Just one Item, 39k... I also have about 2k Worth of sold item sitting in purgatory, Clicking send to Stash and... Nothing. Odd thing, Two things got returned to me and i was able to immediately send them to stash.

Meaning it looks like Failed auctions work fine, but Successful ones? nope... Sad day.

Order ID:95856443

Edit: As for sellers end, If my gold from the sold item has any say in it, It just sits there completely unable to be claimed. My gold has been loading "Send to Stash" for about... 13-14 Minutes as i type this. Totally broken >_>
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happened to me as well...
same thing, just tried to buy two different weapons.... no more gold, and no items ???
Same here two items, missing the gold - no items
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Lost 60k, no items
Blizzard scam me. i bought 2 item but dun have in completed tab. !@#$ U blizzard this kind of problem can make me feel down to DIABLO 3. MOTHER %^-*ER
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Blizzard, please respond and fix, AH is ripping us off right now..................
Same here bought 4 items order id # 95785961 # 95773153 # 95757295 # 93961384 my goid is gone and no items in my stash, please fix it as soon as possible.
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