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Ask a DH Who just killed Inferno Diablo

Hi there! I have just got to act 2, after breezing act 1 and having about 1 hour of wipes on butcher before i understand i was doing it wrong but i got to act 2 and now its impossible for me.
I have about 18k dps. About 200~ resists to all and 300 to normal dmg (says 60% dmg reduction) with 18k hp. My gear is all from AH (cheap one) rare with dex, att. speed, vit, res as priority in that order with 0 gf and 0 mf.

I use caltrops - vault - Flying strike stun rune for Rain of Vengeance, Bat and have evasive fire for hatred and extra evasion and nether tentacles for main attack. So far i had worked too well for me.
Some time i try the smoke fog with discipline regen build but i dont cut it well so i have better time with the above. Any tips for me how to progress? Am I doing it wrong?
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Question for the OP: How do you avoid the near melee-range fireballs from Diablo? I feel like everything else is dodgeable but this thing is a wide AOE that happens to hit you almost instantly. Is SS the only method of avoiding it if he decides to port to you then immediately fireball you?

05/29/2012 07:55 AMPosted by Hyperactive
ofc if i had 5x stacks would be better but the buff is mediocre MF bonus anyway... much rather get the boss to 1% hp, switch to 250% mf gear and kill him from there.

Purple storyline mobs, including act bosses, receive an enchanced effect from a 5-stack of nephalim valor. It is significantly more than a 75% MF bonus for storyline bosses.

BTW: even at 75%, that is almost 1/3 more magic find than you have from your gear alone. It is significant.
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