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What is "5 Stack"?

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Hi all. I recently hit lvl 60 and I need to start farming to beat inferno so I've been looking around forums for builds and tips and I notice people talking about killing bosses with "5 stacks". I go on the search to see what "5 stack" intails but I can't find any info. Can someone help a noob out and explain or pass me a link to an explaination?

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When you kill a champion pack or a rare mob and all its minions you get a stack of nephalem valor which gives you something lke 15% MF and Gold find. You can do this up to 5 times. Lasts for 30 minutes or until you kill another rare mob pack or champ pack.
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When you kill an elite or champion at lvl 60 you get a buff that increases your chance to find good items. It stacks up to 5.
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Nephalem Valor. Kill a champion or elite pack and you get a 30 minute, stacking buff that increases gold/magic find.
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After reaching level 60, you get a Nephalem bonus- killing an elite mob grants one stack (15% bonus MF/GF) and caps at 5 stacks for up to 30 min in one sitting of D3.
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Nephalem Valor: 1 stack= 15% GF/MF, gotten after killing a rare or elite after lvl 60, stacks to 5.
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When you kill a rare/elite mob when you hit 60 you get a buff called Nepahlem valor, which increases your gold and magic find by 15%, and it stacks 5 times. Hence 5 stacks. :P
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Nephalem valor buff, you gain one stack everytime you kill a yellow named mob, or pack of blue mobs.

Each time, it gives you one stack which yields 15% MF and 15% GF, capping at 75% Magic and Gold Find with 5 stacks.

If you kill a boss with 5 stacks, they drop extra loot. It is generally still more efficient to farm an entire act than to farm 5 stacks and then kill the boss.
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To clarify what FailTree said, the buff is refreshed every time you kill a rare or unique mob group. (The way he worded it makes it sound like it goes away, but it's just the opposite).
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They're referring to a buff called Nephalem Valor that you get for killing elites in Inferno difficulty. It stacks to 5 and grants increased magic find.
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5 stacks own :op~
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You get a "stack" called "Nsomething Valor" when you defeat a champion or elite mob pack while your level 60, I can't spell it with servers down <_<

It stacks 5 times. Each stack gives you a +MF +GF buff (magic & gold find). Farming runs usually consist of getting your stacks to 5 then killing a certain boss like the warden and butcher.
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And so it is key to have the max number of stacks of Nephalem Valor that you can because that adds to any existing magic and gold find you have on your armor making your farming that much more rewarding.
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It's called Nephalem Valor. Everytime you kill a random champion pack or elite (the ones which are not scripted), you get a Nephalem Valor stack, which gives you 15% magic find. Do this 5 times, and it stacks up to 5 times, giving a total of 75% magic find. It's recommended to stack it up because it improves the boss's drop rate.
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Nephalem valor not only gives u MF and GF but it also guarantees two yellow drops from any act boss or mini-boss (Skeleton king, magda, ZK). I usaully get 3 yellows but I've never gotten less than two. This is not a result of the MF because ive tried killing just bosses with 75% MF and all i got were blues.
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It is one of the bigger reasons people die over and over in Inferno is what it is. Each pack requires a different set of skills to beat and if you are struggling to survive in Inferno you should be swapping out skills every fight. When you get better gear you can stop swapping out and start stacking the valor more to farm things.
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