Diablo® III

Urgent Maintenance - 5/29/12 (Updated)

servers are back up.
Each time I click on the last page, there are 6 new pages. So is it fixed yet?



so true. lold so hard t-t blizz why you no fix game
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To all that says blizzard sucks or are unhappy , delete your account and go burn the game and never return here , it is a big job to keep server like those up and running for all these people take a break go outside , go play another game watch some tv I dont care but shut up
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Now I have to face the worst demon of all my wife.... Spirits Guide me!!
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diablo 3? what diablo3?
theres no diablo3...
05/29/2012 03:16 PMPosted by DarkSayain
Blizzard you are a disgrace. I bought a whole new 590$ computer and your 60$ POS game to be able to enjoy endless hours of entertainment. Now all I have is an overpowered computer to check email and an hour here and there to play in between your server crashes. How long did you have to prepare for this game? 11 years?? great job. In the old days is something didn't work you'd get your money back. Somehow I dont think the checks in the mail. WAnkers!!

590 bucks? damn, thats an expensive unit!
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enough said.
I might just go eat a face on a bridge
i think we will make it to page 200 before we can log back in :D
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Where is the urgency on keeping the customers updated on the updates huh?
says battlenet is down!!! wtf?!!
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If there weren't constant issues like this, how many people at blizzard wouldn't have jobs? I'm happy my money spent is keeping people off the streets...
oh hey, look, we are having issues, so lets not warn any of the currently online players we will be taking the servers down, lets just drop on them after royally messing up the Auction House. Just another reason I have gone from loving the game to wishing I had never spent the money in the first place. I mean, give us a warning for gods sake, something people will see, maybe a nice message across the screen saying Servers will go down in 5 minutes for maintenance or something, is that to much to ask? I mean, some of us where in the middle of buying things, or killing bosses, and suddenly nothing, good job. And another thing, get your servers running right, I have a hard time even playing solo without lag because of your stupid crappy always on DRM. If you want to make sure people aren't hacking offline characters and then bringing them online make it so single player and multiplayer aren't associated so I can atleast play this game while you work on servers.
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the most ridiculous thing is that this post was started today and look how many pages of crap there allready are were spending more time in their forums then in their game and they still making money off us ....
Almost there!!!1
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