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Dual Wielding, Gems, and DPS...

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I have run into an interesting occurrence with dual wielding and I am just confused and need some explanation on how this stuff works so I can gear my monk in the most efficient manner.

I have a monk. I have 2 fist weapons. A Rabid Strike and a Fleshrake. This is a question about dual wielding so I'll try to break down the combinations here between primary and off-hand and then the same test with each weapon and then both weapons buffed with a gem.

RS = Rabid Strike @ 29.4 DPS
F = Fleshrake @ 34.3 DPS
U = unarmed
* = Ruby
** = Perfect Square Ruby

If the weapon is listed first then that is primary hand. Asterisk means Ruby added for DPS bump. I have two Rubies I am testing with.

RS - U = 85.75 DPS
F - U = 125.85 DPS
RS - F = 131.53 DPS

So then add a Ruby, which is 8 to 15 DPS to the Fleshrake. Then if I dual wield the Rabid Strike, my dps goes down to 155.08.

F* - U = 166.94 DPS
F* - RS = 155.08 DPS

So then if I add the second Ruby to the Rabid Strike the DPS becomes more again than the single Fleshrake

F* - RS* = 182.18 DPS

But I also have a Perfect Square Ruby. (In my helm for XP. but if I put it into the Fleshrake things get even more disparate.

F** - U = 210.61 DPS
F** - RS = 180.11 DPS
F** - RS* = 207.21 DPS

So what kind of Reaganomics are going on here? I would expect any second weapon to increase DPS. Even if by some fraction of its primary hand DPS. But why would overall DPS go down to less than the superior single weapon when adding a second?

The only thing I can think of is that the monk attacks with the primary hand faster when not dual wielding. If that were the case I would expect the DPS to change when switching hands with the weapons. But it does not. It stays the same.

So is there a bug here. And is it in the ui display, or the actual performance of the weapons. I would not know how to test the weapons to see what actual DPS is.

Now my max DPS is achieved by putting the perfect square ruby in the Rabid Strike, and the Ruby in the Fleshrake. But for the extra 3 DPS I may as well just use a nice shield.

RS** - F* = 214.33

Thanks for any insight into this...

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