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Death by Diablo 3

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I can't believe he could actually play 72 hours straight without ragequitting.
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I can't believe the servers stayed up 72 hours straight for this to even occur in the first place.
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Diablo 3 was online for 72 consecutive hours?
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First victim of Diablo
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05/29/2012 08:48 PMPosted by Griever92
Diablo 3 was online for 72 consecutive hours?

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"real life inferno"
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I can't believe i play for half an hr an in middle of a fight server goes !@#$ up an can't get back in.
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Maybe he died because he realized the game was bad.
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"Regardless of which part of the story is true, it is important to realize that taking a break every hour or so between long sessions of gaming is extremely vital."

lol Blizzard must be forcing us to take breaks :) (EDIT: This must be why the servers keep going down!) EXTREMELY VITAL to take a break every hour or so...

How long is a "long session"? If I play a 4 or 5-hour session, does that mean I don't have to take a break every hour or so? If I play a long 10-hour session, does that mean I should take a break every hour or so?

Whoever wrote that article is a funny little imp.
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Diablo 3 didn't kill anyone since it wasn't a game that killed him. It was the fact that a man stayed awake for 72 hrs straight... the man probably wasn't in great health as well and I doubt he was eating well if anything. You wouldn't say "Couch Claims it's First Victim!" just because someone just so happened to die while sitting in a couch.
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This is old news, theres actual been a 2nd occasions of someone dying at their computer while playing diablo 3.
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05/29/2012 08:50 PMPosted by APM208
Did he drop anything good?

ROFL so wrong, but so funny.
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he played 71 hours, got hacked the last hour and killed himself
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