Seen this thread a few to but none are very descriptive.

While casting teleport with the wormhole rune, after it has finished cooldown it teleports the character near the vicinity of the last teleport or where the mouse is pointing when the cooldown ends. I have noticed that:

• Spamming the teleport button or timing the next teleport to occur on or close after the cooldown has begun, the bug will occur.
• The character must be running the whole time, from the first casting to when the cooldown ends. Standing still when casting teleport will not cause the bug.
• Only occurs with the wormhole rune and none other.
• Independent of your key bindings.
• It seems to teleport to the location the character would have been if the cooldown had not begun or where the mouse is pointing. I have been teleported across half the map before.
• If entering a new area before the cooldown ends, the bug won’t occur.
• Whether you teleport where the mouse is pointing or the location before the cooldown begins seems random. I could not find a way to predict which would happen.

I preformed all my tests while in town.

Sorry if I added redundant information or repeated myself wanted to be thorough.