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I just tried to log in and i could hear my auction house go off twice like i sold two items... but still didnt get past character retrieving... weird.
Error 3006'd out of Diablo 3, day two.

Trapped in the frozen rift of error 3006, I huddle close with my fellow gamers around the flames of the forums. The heat of our anger, and the promise that our situation will be reported to the rescue team (http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/5149536153?page=8#144 http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/5270827094?page=7#123) the only things keeping us going. The lights and noises of the happy gamers up top, many not even knowing of the rift is saddening. It is only a matter of time before more fall down and join us, despairing in the depths of error 3006.
the above post is somewhat comforting
In the process of joining a public game, something happened and i could not get past the loading screen. (i let it "load" for 20 minutes for fear of closing the game causing a catastrophic event... i may be nerd psychic)

Following closing the game, i reset my computer - just in case. Rebooted, launched the game and tried to connect. However, now it connects to the server, authenticates, AND retrives my hero list but then subsequently times out to the tune of Error 3006.

Seeing as i can connect perfectly to WoW, and was connecting perfectly to diablo leading up to the load screen loop, i assumed it was not me. But in all fairness i tried all the suggestions on the forums i could find (reseting modems, routers, dns, etc)

Now the only conclusion i can come to is that the blizzard system thinks i'm still logged into Diablo 3 due to me not properly being able to log out. I now fully expect blizzard to ignore my concern or simply tell me that a 3006 error simply cannot be a server-side error and must be an issue with my ::insert component here::.

Perhaps blizzard can prove me wrong and offer some insight as to how to fix my problem, or much more likely a community member has ran into a similar problem and found a potential fix.

In the mean time i'd be willing to bet money that if no resolution is found my problem will mysteriously disappear the next time they reset the server. not because anything is fixed mind you but simply because a hard reset will force log-out my account that i am dead-set on assuming their system believes is still logged in.

Tips, ideas, possibilities, and well really anything accepted and welcomed.

Update: based on new posts, i tried logging into the euro and asian servers, then switching back to the americas server. Result: i log into EU and asia servers perfectly, but still can't get into the americas.
i tried it all... still nothing!
Hi US guys... we have the same problem in Europe. cant join EU but we can join US and asia
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Let tear this place a part (╯°O°)╯FUS RO DAH! ==== ┻━┻
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how dare you tell me to play in a different regoin because you cant restart the server or fix error 3006 in 2 days. F U
Got the same problem few hour ago....please do something
Been down about 17hrs for me now....lame
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ive played video games all my life and have never waited this long for a fix. blizzard obviously is short staffed or short brained or both
Have any of you guys tried a vpn or tethering? I was able to get online instantly. Trying to see if some other people can test to see if it works. Here is my post on another forums. This is just a TEST!!! Not a solution.

Ok, just an update. By using a vpn as well I was instantly able to login. For troubleshooting purposes you guys should try this and see if it works.


Set that up login and try and connect and let me know if that works. Total setup 1 minute.
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Same thing happened to me as OP
me too - -
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I'd like to know aside from the obvious, why should we as the players and people that are paying for the game should hop on a different server to play when the servers should either a) be fixed within 24 hours or less or b)get a 12 hour or daily update on whats going on. Especially those that haven't been able to play for at least 48 hours or more now. Its just common courtesy to let the customers what is going on vice let them be in the dark and pissed off.
error 3006 here, boo-urns!
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private tunnel didnt work, infact all it did was make me use my authenticator... im really pist off at the world right now
Got an item of the AH. Joined a pub game quick to get the item. Long loading screen, alt f4, error 3006. Oh i was on act1 Hell too.Been 8 hours now.

Exactly same thing happened to me
they will never fix... too bad u spend 60 euro for this !@#$.
I just got it to work using a VPN. I tried the private tunnel one the guy just mentioned above and did not work. I then tried cyberghost and got it to work. I closed d3 started the vpn then opened d3 and could login once again.

Download cyberghost:

Let me know if it works
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