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Error 3006


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none of the suggested fixed are working for me
Got the error too...
LOLOLOLOL Blizzard do you see whats happening here? If this problem isnt fixed soon, you will be losing hundreds of thousands of people no doubt
F U blizzard... One day off per week and you do this !@#$ tonight... F U... Problem has persisted for 3 hours for me, I have a feeling it will be all tomorrow, too.... (my day off)..... I tried EVERYTHING possible... from flushdns & port openings to VPN tunnels and copying realmlist to desktop...

This is the last Blizzard game I will ever buy — that is a promise. Lack of service is unbelievable to me... We would take ANY kind of update, and other servers (Europe and Asia) work??? That tells you something in itself.. Your excuse that it means the server is having issue and you should play on another realm meanwhile is BULL%^-*... It is apparent/known that Hell and Act I is the majority cause of the issue. F**@_)_#((_ YOU..

P.S. I've spent $500.00+ on your games.
I've been down for the last six hours and nothing has change. Blizzard really needs to get their $hit together!!!!!
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bump same error
i just got the error 3006 i geuss i now join the club of waiting
Add another to the stuck not logging in club. Way to go Blizzard, 12 years and tons of pushbacks on release date to still get an unplayable game...
timing out... really... sucks to suck blizzard
Just joined the club. I will wait until tomorrow morning and will request a refund. The game is just broken and unplayable at this rate. Blizzard doesn't deserve money from me.
Mine barb lvl 60 bugged out when joining a game. It sat at loading screen bout 5 min until i Ctrl/Alt/Del and ended D3... Its like my chars are still stuck in game. But account isn't on.I can go on american server.Its a hack or server problem.Pleas help.
Awsome now i cant connect to american server error 3003 just great.What now,i need to buy enother copy of the game to my second uccount.No thanks.
Open D3 client, click options, then click reset game preferences.
enjoy the game
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Game has been out for a week now and for many continues to remain unplayable. Why oh why do i get the feeling that if Blzzard weren't run by Activision now we would have waited an additional 6 months to a year for D3, but when it finally did come out we would have had a quality release?

Maybe if Blizzard is lucky, when Diablo 4 comes out in 17 years i will have forgotten about this debacle and be ready to buy again... but the longer this complete and utter lack of service continues, the harder it is for me to imagine forgetting times like these, when a completely broken product was released upon the world, and all were left to suffer and deal. Would anyone like to hypothesize how quickly issues like this would have been fixed if this were a subscription based game?

While I personally have only experienced Error 3006 once (once was enough, it lasted countless hours) the lack of support provided by blizzard leads me to believe it will only happen again, and almost certainly at the worst time (can't sleep, plans canceled, day off, etc...)

As a side note: On the forums many people are complaining about hacked accounts, and in threads like these plenty of people are posting about fixes by going through a VPN or tunnel. Now i must express my ignorance and declare i have no idea what a VPN or tunnel would do to fix a problem like this, but i can whole-heartedly say that hackers are an opportunistic bunch. Don't download programs that claim to get you connected, when it's pretty obvious they wont work. Don't follow pie-in-the-sky links, and for good lord's sake, if you do use one of these programs and it activates your authenticator, run away and change your password, because while a change in IP could be the small thing that kicks your auth on, so could a tunnel designed to put you through their computers before it routes you to blizzard.
Open D3 client, click options, then click reset game preferences.
enjoy the game

Yes. Thank you. WOW
BUMP! Some problem on Europe server. More than 1 day ;(
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This is hopless not been able to play all day with this error Blizzard should pay big compensation
Getting this error, Error Copying Character Data : 3006 , please fix from US-> PTR
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