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Error 3006


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Blizard please fix that! BUMP
05/17/2012 11:11 PMPosted by Dangarr
Request sticky


and the link that is posted in the "Error 108, 12, 33, 24200, 37, 24000, & others" that is already a sticky pretty much says DO EVERYTHING YOU CAN TO MAKE SURE ITS NOT OUR "the user's" FAULT....

Well it might just be me, but when MULTIPLE people are complaining about the same problem at the same time..... maybe you (support team) should start trying something on your end instead.

oh yeah, and here is the link I mentioned earlier if anyone wanted to read: http://us.battle.net/support/en/article/diablo-iii-connection-troubleshooting
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i tried all the method, bizzard mentioned however i still can't login, i alway stuck at the page whereby server are retrieving hero list, and i heard an chunk sound, my friend told me i am logged in but to me i alway stuck at the main page, HELP~
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It seemed to fix itself for me within about 15 mins.
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Update: I logged onto my wifes computer on her account - and when I try to access my account on my computer I get the 3006 disconnect errors, but in my wifes social window it shows me as logging in and logging out in menu screen
have this for almost 7 hours... blizzard what are you doing?
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05/17/2012 08:07 PMPosted by Torl
In the process of joining a public game, something happened and i could not get past the loading screen. (i let it "load" for 20 minutes for fear of closing the game causing a catastrophic event... i may be nerd psychic)

That is exactly what happened to me just now... :[ Since wednesday (for me at least), seems like once one bug goes away then one comes in its place.
same problem here..
my character is stuck in limbo i can't log in.
switching to europe/asia and then back to the americas didn't work for me either.
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Same exact thing here. Stuck on loading screen, exited, try loging in again, error 3006

Tried logging into euro and back with no luck.

o.0 Game is pretty unplayable for $60.
I started getting randomly d/c'd and now I time out every time I try to log in. Plus I couldn't search the auction house. Whats wrong at your end Blizzard?
And not a single bug fix was done that day
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My roommate is having the same problem, he can log in via Europe servers just fine. But on mine and his computer via NA servers he gets three checkmarks, a long pause, then error 3006.
is blizzard just gonna let us wait until the next server maintenance?
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same just happened to me.
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As mentioned... Same thing happened to me. Tried all the fixes listed above... Please fix soon. Been like this for 1 hour.
Are we just those unlucky one that facing all this error messages, firstly was the server down, maintance, server down, maintance again now what? request time out? come on man! how much disappointment blizzard you guys can give to us, is like something near but is so far to reach out.
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Adding my name to the list. Haven't been able to get on for the past hour because of this.
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I completely agree with you CallMeNicky. At this point they are just teasing us. And all I wanted to do was get to Act 2 NM.. I suppose my grind must wait.
hey guys i found out a way to beat error 3006,if u guys have a starcraft account u could log into it if its under the same B net ID.I did it this way and now error 3006 is gone,perhaps the system logged you out of D3 when u entered SC2
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