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So I understand for 1h quiv, dw 1h, or 2h quiv, you just look at the damage and which ever is greater you use(most of the time).

However, sometimes when I switch weapons the damage gets weird. I'll be using a 1H quiv and check the damage vs putting on another 1h. It'll say damage goes up, so I'll swap.

Later, I check again and now it says putting the quiver back on increases damage. I'm not taking the wrong bow off or anything, so does anyone know whats going on?
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The one thing I can think of is the frenzied buff from shrines. Not sure if the companions give any damage boosts as well. I think enchantress gives armor.
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Ya, I had the enchantress with me so I don't think it was that.
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Your dps calculation takes all buffs, procs and equipment into account. Did you have something like a frenzy shrine, or a party member with a passive dps increase or a passive that increases your damage switched out?

For example, if you are using the passive "archery" with a bow, you'll get freakish dps numbers in comparison to a 2-handed xbow, because increased crit damage doesn't seem to enter into the dps calculation. If you use the sharp shooter passive, your dps will gradually climb to ridiculous numbers as your crit rate approaches 100%, however, this is not reflective of your true dps.

If you switched out any other pieces of gear like rings are amulets certain damage stats favour slow and fast weapons.
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As well as what everyone else is saying, there are certain effects concerning your other stats that have an impact. I haven't really played around with the math to show how it happens, but back in the beta I noticed the same thing. For example, having 2 1hs was great for my damage but the more dex I got on the rest of my gear, the more those same weapons lost out to using just 1 of them with a quiver. The combination of the rest of your stats really helps to determine what option is best for you.
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