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Can I transfer character from another region

Can I transfer character from USA to EU ? because my friends play in EU but I play in USA before they play and I don't wan to start over again
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Good question. I want to do the opposite. I'm from Australia, downloaded the client online, and despite playing on the US/Oceanic WoW servers, Diablo 3 chose EU for me. I thought something was up with my RealID list, but nope... everyone's on the US servers ;)

So now I've got a level 20-odd who is just sitting there. I'm never gonna play him again if he's stuck on EU :P
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I also have problem with this kind of issue. I leveled up my character to lv 35 and gathered a lot of achievements and all until I realized I am in Americas server when I should've been in Europe. I really hope there's some kind of solution for this....
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Me and a friend had this issue. He played the Beta but when I got the game we couldn't play together as his realID was not showing up. Turns out he was put into the Americas and not Europe where he should had been. Anyway to cut a long story short he put in a ticket and has been told they don't have the facility's to transfer characters from one region to another... Needless to say hes well gutted having levelled two characters to their mid 20s.
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here is the negative answer http://us.battle.net/support/en/article/diablo-iii-global-play-faq

Can I play my hero in another region?
Heroes are available to play only in the game region in which they were created, and you are not able to move a hero from one game region to another. Each game region has its own independent hero list, and you can have up to a total of 10 heroes per region (counting both normal and Hardcore characters) at a time. You will be presented with a region-specific hero list whenever you change game regions.
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I don't understand this region restriction policy. What is the problem? Why are accounts split across regions? This seems incredibly anti-consumer, especially since there's no real warning as to how the region will affect you, upon installation.

Why is this happening? What possible reason could there be? And even if there is a semi-valid reason for this, it's still unacceptable and needs to be changed. This is my first and, more importantly, last Blizzard game purchase if they don't do something about this.

This is absolutely unacceptable, I don't understand why people aren't making a bigger deal out of this.
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Blizzard, please help us. Can u make something like a charakter export? I've downoladed EU client, but i was automaticaly spawn at Americas. So i'm 60lvl 90hrs of play, and dont want to make another one hero in EU region. I think 25$ is a good price for this service. I just want to play with my friends.
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created 2 heroes and spent a lot of time on them...then only found out my server is the americas...
please blizzard, can't u enable the service for exporting heroes to another servers??
and also....i am in south east asia region!! why did the game set itself to americas lol??
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I have the same problem. My friends play on Europe servers. Noticed I was on "The Americas" Have a level 55 barbarian that i wont be able to play with? that sucks!
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Same problem. Pre-ordered the game with my US credit card. I'm currently in Seoul, it auto-set me in the America's region. Two level 60s later, I find out that I'm on the wrong server...
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Same problem here. Levelled up to level 60 on US servers after auto-set picked the wrong option - but I'm based in Asia.
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I don't think they should do that because it will probably cause server lag and create other messes. I personally made characters in EU to play with during maintenance in US. Other who did this like me might take advantage of region change and switch back and forth from region to region. Why? Lets say I main in US, but I found some 2000 dps bow in EU... wow I would certainly want to transfer it onto my US character... change regions ftw! And that is only some of the few things people can start to exploit. It is fairly reasonable for those who did play in the wrong region to ask for a region change, but it is also your responsibility to check all the settings instead of rushing in to play when D3 came out. Just make a new character is the easiest option. And all of you with your friends in another region; they can simply help you level. They will not? What kind of friends are they. I mean I do not play 24/7 and I already have 3 level 60 characters in the first few weeks of release. Not that hard, you just need some good friends to play with.
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for all those complaining about the americas region..

The Americas for players in North America, Latin America, Australia, New Zealand, and Southeast Asia

Europe for players in the European Union, Eastern Europe, Russia, Africa, and Middle Eastern countries such as Israel and the United Arab Emirates

Asia for players in South Korea and the regions of Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau

hope that helps
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Same problem, by default i was set into The Americas servers. I got a Witch doctor level 60 and Demon hunter level 42 before i knew i was playing on Americas and not on Europe servers. This sucks as i cannot play with any of my friends as I'm stuck on a different region. I don't understand why the facility to transfer chars hasn't been made as its blizzards fault to default select your region which you do not live in. Please fix. Lots of people with the same problem and we all payed a good amount of money for the game. I do not wish to start again.
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This annoyed the hell out of me. Using the digital copy it defaulted me to the euro server even though my account is set to New Zealand. Now I have two characters on the euro servers and I can't play with my friends who are on the US servers. Just great.
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This is so stupid. I just started playing the other day so doesn't affect me as much as other with lvl 60 hero's. Being in Australia, my server was defaulted to Europe. I changed it to Asia before creating my character but little did I know I would have to log out for the change to take effect. Now my character is stuck on the European server. Just as I was starting to get into the game, I have to now wait and find out what server my friends are playing on before I can continue. Who's bright idea was it to lock hero's to a region? I'm glad I bought my copy from a retailer as to give as little money to blizzard as possible.
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Blizzard, I really think you should offer an option for exporting character among different servers. Even though it is a small detail, it is a pretty big deal for us that want to play on different servers, I cannot start all over again a character up to level 60 just to play with friends in another server. An option must be offered to the customer. Blizzard, come on!
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same problem :( I live in Australia and it defaulted to the European server. I can't use RMAH and I'm reluctant to start all again on the American server when I’ve recently reached lvl 60. So much time wasted!
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this really isnt cool i had no idea what server i was on and what it would mean and now i have to give up many hrs of game play just to play with friends?

seriously sort it out and soon. create an export function please. or anything else that will fix this.
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Same problem here. New Zealand player defaulted to EU region. Waste of time Gah! If there won't be an export option, this should be at least clearly explained during the install/setup process!!!! Jeeeezzz, no wonder my 'latency' was so high...
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