Hi there, this happened four times in a row. It could be related to what we were doing, but i'm not sure.

Here's the setup. Two players, private game, act 2 normal.
Friend has 2h axe with good gem that he wants me to take out. Also has 1h sword with crappy gem that he also wants me to take out so that he can insert said good gem into 1h sword.

We trade weapons via trade window, two items. I remove both gems and then trade him back both items unsocketed with the two gems. 4 items in trade back.

Within a couple minutes after doing this we lost connection with the server. When we logged back in the gems were back in the items on his character and my gold was back before the gem removal.

This happened exactly four times in a row, executed in precisely the same manner.

Hope this helps! Keep up the great work!