My Build is focused on holding your ressources low, high DPS and sustain.
I use it with a bow.!aeg!ZaabcZ

Grenades: give you (with passive skills + rune) 8 hatred regen. This will fill your hatred bar in less then 6 seconds. (well this depends on your attack speed)

Elemental Arrow: nice slow + dmg. in combination with grenades you can spam it (hold down your Grenades skill and after every Grenade shot use your elemental arrow)
the best about this combo is, if you are low on hatred you can use it.

Vault: with the rune + passive you can run out of every bad situation. just vault - walk away 2 seks - use 2nd vault (50% less dis) - run
you are faster then the speed mobs

Cluster Arrow: nice engage, you get your hatred low and its a nice single target spell

Shaddow Power and Chakrams: Propably the best Skills on demon hunter imo. Against a big mob wave you can get full Hp with it. Its also nice against single targets. you have not to use your chakrams but the other skills to get your HP up.


Discuss pls
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